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What's up riders!

I'm currently working on a research project, and being an avid rider myself, decided to do mine on the motorcycle rental process.
If you're able to spare a few minutes, I'd like for you to describe your rental process - from the second the thought of renting a bike entered your mind until after you've returned the bike. How did the process make you feel? What'd you rent? Why? Where'd you go? Any frustrations? Any and all details are welcome here. You can provide this entry via comment on this post or via a direct message to me.

My goal is to identify problems and frustrations people may have with the rental process and improve said problems. This project is in its very early stages, but if you'd like to keep contributing as a user/tester/survey-taker, please feel free to provide/comment/DM your email address!

I appreciate you guys for even reading the post, and I'm hoping to get some great insight from you guys!

Thank you, and keep the rubber side down :cool:
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