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Motorcycle rights group supports stop-look-go legislation.

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Um, what about putting a magnet on the bottom of your bike the the rest of us do? You could always have your passenger get off and press the pedestrian button...
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If you did that anywhere in the US I've ever been, you'd freak out anyone that was close enough to observe it. I never heard of a traffic light being treated like a stop sign until reading your post.

It really actually makes sense to me, I'm just saying no one I know of would consider going through a red light unless they'd waited a long time and were sure it was not detecting them. Not sure about the letter of the law, but I'd be really surprised if it was allowed in VA, MD, DC, WV, NC where I've done the most driving.

Where I used to live in Herndon, VA, a light near my house never detected any of 3 bikes I owned and I had to stop-look-go every time I went that way. Never got in any trouble.

I thought I'd seen some device for sale that would put out a strong EM field for the purposes of activating the sensors, it attached to the underside of a bike.

a how-to on dealing with insensitive sensors
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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