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Even though the data is only for Manitoba, I'm not sure that I believe it's correct. There's one chart that lists costs for injury and costs for physical damage for motorcycles vs. autos, which seems to indicate that physical damage costs are higher for motorcycle damage claims than for auto damage claims. Considering that even a fender bender can cost a couple of grand to repair, I question the validity of this data, which makes me question the rest of the data in the report.

Since this report was prepared for an insurance company, on the potential risk (cost) vs. premiums charged (income), what conclusion would you expect them to come to? Bikes are over-insured and their premiums are too high? I would expect any and all insurance industry studys to find that damage claims and costs are rising, and premiums are not high enough to cover their (insurance companies) risks.
1 - 1 of 135 Posts
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