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Well you can always try...

... th Columbian method, but you're gonna need a lot of balloons and olive oil and the parts will probably smell funny for awhile.
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I used Federal, which is part of Allied Van lines. My dealer recommended them. It cost around $700.00 to ship a Ducati 996 from Dallas to LA and back to Dallas. They were on time with pick up and delivery. Also, the bikes were fine, no problems. It is cheaper if you ship from dealer to dealer instead of home to home.
Re: Well you can always try...

If you ship with this method, be sure to tie the clutch and brake levers to the grip. It makes it much easier to remove the handlebars.
how about just ride it? catch the bus or train home. There's the Auto-train out of Lorton, VA just south of you, too.
Re: Well you can always try...

That's terrible.
The cheapest way would be to rent a pick-up and drive it down, or ride it down, then rent a Metro to drive home.

Check them out. Haven't used them but have heard good comments from people that have.
Gotta say that DC to Pensacola is not that far! Most of it is a pretty nice ride too! Ride it or use the non-riding-cruiser-tourer-my-butt-ain't-hard-enough method - put it in a truck and drive it down yourself...seen folks in Georgia do it to Daytona (and in all fairness saw a K12LT and an Ultra Classic from Nebraska in a truck, yeah tight fit, heading to Sturgis, while on a K12LT with a buddy on an Ultra Classic that we rode from Georgia. but I digress) all the time. Must be SOMETHING to it...
So, So sick

that is what I love about MOrons....
Re: Well you can always try...

LOL You guys are disgusting. Keep up the good work. ;)
Too bad you didn't need to do this a couple of months ago during Bike Week when the Interstates were clogged with trailered Harleys. You might have been able to bum a cheap ride to Florida.

Might have been to difficult though, you being an atrociteur and all.
Only a partial atrocituer

He's riding a v-twin. He could peel off the stickers and tell the trailer gang it's a Ducati.

Honda didn't put 996 on the tail for nothin.'
Re: Only a partial atrocituer

Yeah. But if he did that the GPTB would steal his bike and sell it for drugs.
Re: Only a partial atrocituer

They're all doctors, lawyers and accountants. They make more money fleecing their customers than they could possible make selling drugs.
That reminds me...

I'm in FL right now. There are plenty of old ladies to fleece here!

Perhaps that Benelli is just a phone call away.
I've shipped a bike from Colorado to NY. I used JC Motors ( They picked the bike up at the seller's door, strapped it to a special pallet and delivered it to my door. No Forward Air terminal hassels. The bike arrived without a scratch within 10 days of pickup.

If it's too much of a hassle to rent a car for one leg of the trip and ride the bike for the other, I highly recommnend a shipper like JC (there are a number of others like the above mentioned 1AA. Figure you'll spend between 400-500 bones to do it, though.

By the way, my brother shipped a bike via Forward Air. He didn't save much money, if any at all, over a door-to-door shipper. It also took the same amount of time. Plus he had a bit of a hassel at the Air Terminal when he found that the battery on the bike was dead and they wouldn't let him put any gas in it.

If you don't mind spending the money, a motorcycle-specialized, door-todoor service is the way to go.
The Pcola airport doesn't handle large aircraft, so you may be limited as to the air freight options.

May I suggest sending it by rail? There is a rail terminal in town, and I would imagine it is doable.

Good luck!

By the way, ride all the curves and hills you can before you ship the bike. We don't have any here in Baja 'Bama.
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I recently shipped a Triumph Sprint from Huntsville, AL to Dallas with Forward Air and couldn't find a cheaper way. It wasn't even cheaper to drive there, when you consider gas, hotel and meals. I guess I could have taken the bus, but even I have standards.
I've used JC Motors and they are very reliable and convienent. Door-to-door is the way to go. It should only be $100-$150 more and it eliminates most of the hassle.
I've heard that the way to get great rates from Forward Air, or anyone else for that matter, is to crate it yourself, and don't tell them it's a motorcycle.

Apparently, FA rates were very low, until they discovered that many motorcycles were being shipped. They caught on and jacked up the rates for bikes.

I don't know why it would be cheaper to ship machines than bikes. Can anyone explain?

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