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Has anyone tried a new product called the Firehouse Technology iTube Motorsports Sound System on their bike yet? It's an MP3 player and FM tuner that mounts onto your bars with no tools, requires NO wiring, is weatherproof, and for its size puts out an amazing amount of sound. It is self-contained and has its own internal battery that can be recharged via your 12 volt receptacle. It can also be connected to a smart phone and have music sent to it via a line-out cord, with a Bluetooth dongle you can stream wirelessly to the unit. It's constructed of aluminum so it's durable and is removable so you can use it to play your tunes anywhere. You can also connect two if you feel you need the extra volume. At freeway speeds with loud pipes and no windshield, it will drown out, but for an inexpensive unit it really does a nice job, plus it can be used on really any vehicle....ATV, Scooter, Jet ski, Golf Cart, Bicycle, stroller get the point. I have attached a pic on it on both of our bikes....can be picked up online or their website. If you have one post pics....if not check it out


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