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Motorcycle Storage Warehouse

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I need help. I read an article about 5 yrs ago or so about a guy in New York City- I don't know what part- that had a motorcycle storage facility. It was so successful that he actually had a 5-7yr waiting list to get in. He ran the thing as if it were a motorcycle club. Membership dues, access to a clubhouse style relaxation area, stuff like that. Do you guys know of anything similar? It has to be an enclosed structure like self storage. It, also, has to be able to hold more than 200 bikes. Give me the name and location of anything that sounds remotely clost to this- please. Thanks guys- Kirk
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You're looking for this in NYC?

I recall seeing the outfit you're talking about but I think it was on Tuesday Night (not necessarily TWT) on Speed. Some guy had converted a basement.

A quick bit of googlage turned up this: New York Motorcycle Parking
but it isn't necessarily the same business.
Jupiter’s Motorcycles offers storage for your motorcycles throughout the year.

To help you protect your motorcycle, Jupiter’s is offering monthly, bi-annual and annual rates ($99, $499 and $899 respectively.)

During the winter from Mid-November thru Mid-March Jupiter’s will provide you with a temperature controlled environment for your bike as well as hook your battery to a trickle charger to protect it during the cold ($400 for the season.)

For more information please go to or contact us at 718-788-2585
Wow! 900 bucks a year.

Hey! I got some room in my shed in back!
Yeah, my garage is available. It's climate controlled by God (or Obama, same difference).

I'll even hook up my battery tender.
That seems higher than what I was thinking for storage. My fee was closer to $500 and change. Individual stalls and all.
Kirk, glad to hear you're still kicking this idea around. We should talk about it offline sometime . I know there's a demand for this in S FL if the dozens of bikes I see in Pubic Snorage are any indication.
Kirk, glad to hear you're still kicking this idea around. We should talk about it offline sometime . I know there's a demand for this in S FL if the dozens of bikes I see in Pubic Snorage are any indication.
If I could get the marketing straight and get you and my daughter's step father involved (he lives in Port St Lucie) maybe we can something done. I trust you two guys enough to work the idea remotely. It will give me something to do during the fall. Start sending me links to warehouse space you think might work. I'll get Terry to do the same.
Start sending me links to warehouse space you think might work.

I was thinking an abandoned parking garage would be a nice setup; you could partition off areas for bikes with chain link. Might be warm in the summer, but you'd be able to run your bike without suffocating yourself.
OK Ken,

I need you to call my cell. If you don't have it call Kim and she'll get it for you. I am on this Warehouse kick again. Here's the question to you and anyone else that uses public storage facilities in urban areas: How many bikes do you see on location?

Best I can figure I would have to store 200 plus bikes at a time to make any money. I was actually thinking of setting up the interior of the warehouse much like a horse barn. Wood stalls with iron bars and big sliding doors. You'd be able to lock them individually, but see into them. Iron horse thing I guess. Each would have a battery tender. Each would be large enough for a bike lift is the customer wanted. Each would have air access for pneumatic tools and a powerstrip. I was thinking that my "powersports consignment shop" idea may work hand in hand with this. I can broker bikes, pwc, atvs, accessories and gear for a small 10% fee.
Come on guys- give me feedback. How many bikes do you notice at your local storage place? I believe that you must set this up in cities that have at least 1/2 million plus residents. Places that are loaded with highrises and apartment complexes that have less than secure parking.
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Kirk, I'll call you a little later; work has reared it's ugly head again. Pesky job...

About the number of bikes: the storage place I'm in has at least a dozen bikes I've seen going in and out at various times. There were a bunch more, but when Public Storage bought out the original owners, they changed access from 24X7 to 6 to 9; at which time a lot of people left.

Your layout is exactly the type of thing I was thinking of. I was also thinking having a mechanic set up on-site to do small to medium size jobs (for a small concession fee, of course) would go well.
Ace, I'm not sure your idea would work at least here in Chicago. Every dealer here stores bikes for as little a $50 a month, and they do get lots of bikes. the Honda dealer near me usually has at least 150 bikes in the warehouse area. They are already paying for their space though, and I don't think this venture would be too profitable if you have to have a warehouse to do ONLY that. If you lived in the warehouse you might turn a dime, but it would probably be empty for 6 or 8 months out of the year, and that would make things tough. I don't know anyone in the Chicagoland area that just stores bikes. Maybe there is one, but I haven't heard of them. I have no idea how New York works, just Chicago.
Maybe you could do a combo meth lab/bike storage deal.
In Chicago I would think this would be a great idea. Ken hit on an idea that I was kicking around of having a few wrench's (on their dime- like rental stations in a barbershop) and having Kim's hotdog stand running. I think that the price of $50 is reasonable, but that's where volume comes in. Like I said- you'll need at least 200 bikes monthly to pull numbers that will pay the staff (me and two other people) and the bills. It'd be secured with camaras and electronics, but I think that if you have a person work overnight it'd be possible to have 24/7 access. Their job would be security and janitorial. The evening guy would do general office and security. My job would be to manage and market it. I was thinking, Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte, Baltimore or the DC area, Cincinnati, Philly, Buffalo, Chicago, Dallas and maybe Indy would be the first markets. Turn it into a franchise, of sorts. Make the model using two cities and expand from there using the franchise route. Atlanta would be obvious because I am moving nowhere. And Cincy or Chicago would be my up north experiment. I actually have guy that owns a warehouse that might allow us to start that's off Marietta St in Atlanta for a cut of the return instead of rent. If it works then we can move forward.
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He's packing a pistol and mop. Get the FU<K out of his way.
He's packing a pistol and mop. Get the FU<K out of his way.
Someone's gotta keep the place tidy. Since I'll be the brains of the operation I can confidently say it's not gonna be me.
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