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Motorcycle Strikes Axe-Wielding Man in CA.

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Re: Motorcycle strikes ax-wielding man in CA

maybe he should have went for the tried and tested shovel-handle-through-the-spokes-routine instead....
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Debate team captain, eh?
Re: Motorcycle strikes ax-wielding man in CA

What did you guys do? Inundate the filter with naughty words until it died and let words like mother-***** thru?
Re: Motorcycle strikes ax-wielding man in CA

Aw, What The *****. Why cant I say it?

If I thought someone was trying assault me with a deadly weapon I'd be plenty pissed.

Just minding your own business, takin' a little ride...

If I was still mobile after the impact... Helping the guy??? F-that, it'd STILL be ON!!!
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Re: Ha !

Why should Veterinarians be the only ones tasked with the Tedium of running this Nation?
i'm with you on that ...i'd be pummellin' the mother***** with his axe ..and assorted motorcycle parts which may have fallen off after the impact ...handlebars ..exhaust pipes chain ..etc
Re: Motorcycle strikes ax-wielding man in CA

You have to tilt your mouse to the left just a bit.............
Re: Motorcycle strikes ax-wielding man in CA

No, but there's been a few mooks clubbed to death when I ran out of bul....

Ahem. I mean: Right you are.
Re: Motorcycle strikes ax-wielding man in CA

It's not paranoia if they really ARE out to getcha!
Re: Ha !

I moderate you guys to humorous and intelligent, good stuff.

I'd never carry an unloaded gun. Not too hard to get a concealed carry permit around here, I prefer a shoulder holster while riding, if packing. I have practiced the left handed behind the back shots, I figure maybe 50/50 at 20 feet on a radiator... at 100MPH. Florida has a "stand your ground" law now, am I the only one to consider a cage "screwing around", without my permission, while I'm on a bike, assault with a deadly weapon?

Last time I checked "that old piece of paper" we still had the right to "bear arms" (by statute other than "concealed", without permit). I believe it's "generally" OK to carry an Unconcealed weapon around (maybe an AK-47 across the back for instance) but it would SHOCK people in some parts of the Country, other parts would hardly notice.

Never let "them" take your guns.
If you are a convicted felon you cannot legally have a gun. Axes are probably okay. See your attorney or ask your parol officer.
Re: Ha !

But I bet you can't shoot at someone while doing a stoppie like Tom Cruise can.
Oddly enough, I know a guy who was accosted by guy with a knife, wanting money, while my friend was sitting at a red light. Stood right in front of him, so he couldn't escape. He just snicked her in gear, whacked the throttle, and let out the clutch. Problem solved. God help us if criminals ever get any brains. We might REALLY need guns then.
Re: Ha !

You know, that 'shyt packing' phrase has a whole other meaning out here on the Left Coast.
Re: Ha !

Well OK, if you insist, there is that :-(
If your not part of the solution...

And you would be wrong. The rider after went down went and helped someone that tried to do him injury!

Just think how much harm it would have done to all riders if the had ridden on or had gone and attacked the man.

1. As a Christian I have to say that the rider was following the teachings of Christ to the letter.

2. As a rider I have to thank him. His actions reflect well on all motorcyclists.

I hope the rider wasn't hurt to bad.
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