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Motorcycle taken in McGrath burglary still missing.

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It shouldn't be hard to find.

It's probably on e-bay.
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thieves and child molesters die first..... then the lawyers.....
For Sale:

1 Pint synthetic 2 Stroke oil, cheap!
Dude! If you hang the thieves and child molesters there won't be any lawyers left.. or Senators either.
Might be short a few priests also!
Thieves suck. And they're stupid, too!
And this is worse than any Harley or helmet law thread?
It'll show up in a couple of years as a "custom" in a CW spread.

Find 'em and fry 'em!
dang what an unobtrusive getaway vehicle—hopped-up CR125. too bad about the gas thing, coulda happened to anybody i guess...
Move over Professor Moriority, there's a new criminal genius in town.
And the dimwit seized it. Instead of jail time maybe they should make the burgler try and find OEM parts for the CR. That would be punnishment enough.

Or duct tape him to a '71 Cyclone with the throttle wired WFO. Jeffersonian reciprocity.
you know, I`ll bet it was that damn Harley guy who got beat up at the Kidd Rock concert a few weeks back!!! I`ll bet my case of Golden Spectro at 50 to 1!!!!
Man,I,m just glad no one was home.Someone broke into my house a few yrs back ,bypassed all my guitars and music equipment in my studio,took sattelite receiver,he couldn,t use and a bottle of orange crush!!Do you know how hard it is to find orange crush in vegas?Let,s just say ,I found how who the gangbanger wannabe was[neighbor across the street] and I scared him straight!Now I know why they used to hang horsethieves!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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