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first post!

(I have no life)

it's an ok site.

not a lot of choices in videos ..

from the short time I cruised the site.

the jessica zalusky interview was good though.

girl racer !!!!!!!!!
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The GMP, kpaul, speaks again..

It just the start of things to come.. I think.. The merger of your TV, computer, phone, etc. Some day you will be able to watch all kinds of video from cable, internet, etc with only one integrated device. HDTV with computer built in. The old tv remote is replaced with a wireless mouse and keyboard. Just as the internet news sites have displaced newspapers and TV displaced radio.. Vidieo will become the primary method to deliver content on the web. Are you listening MO? better get into the video age as other sites are doing. Someday you will be able to watch video on your HD TV from anywhere on anything for any event..
Nobody gives a poop if you're 1st.

If you have something relevant to say, say it. Otherwise, stfu
Dude, that was way rude. Being #1 post on MO is highly-sought distinction.
Great stuff. SpeedTV is fine for NASCAR-holics, but for the rest of us this is wonderful. The interview with Kevin Schwantz is terrific, and the Moss suspension segments should be compulsory viewing. Thanks for the tip!
ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz... snork

Neat idea and fast streaming vids but content is about as entertaining as Speed's, "Trackside at...".
No dirt?

I am only mildly interested.
Ah, so THAT'S why I always see all the "old-timers" struggling and infighting every time a new article is posted-up.................
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