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Well, that is good, I think my main point was that over 1000cc bikes are the main cause of motorcycle death, and unless you got an old gixxer 1100...
What are you an idiot? ooohh 1 liter is a magic number! BAN EVERYTHING OVER 999ccs! Ban are HARLEYS! ban all Gixxers! Ban all the big buells! ban everything over 999ccs! because lots of stupid kids dont bust their heads on 600s doing stupid ****! and f*ck i havn't busted my face off of things on a 100 *sarcasm*! you can kill your self on an electric bicycle by going too fast into the wrong thing to.

Now i think "Stunters" are just about the biggest [email protected] squids around but its not about the size of the bike, you can wheelie just about anything. You can do stupid things on bicycles, quads and 50cc twostroke scooters!

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uhh, it is the magic number and I would love to tell you how a feel about people like you who run their mouth, but I know the post will get shut down cause you will eventually cry. So i come with the facts, no time to play Internet Gangster with you.


■ Larger motorcycles are figuring
more prominently in fatal crashes.
The percentage of fatally injured
riders of motorcycles with
engine displacements of 1,001 to
1,500 cc has risen from about 28
percent in 1993 to about 38 percent
in 2002.
◆ Mean engine size involved in
a fatal crash has steadily increased
from 820 cc in 1993 to
999 cc in 2002.
◆ Two-thirds of the riders killed
on 1,001-1,500 cc engine size
were 40 and over years old.
So first off I'm assuming you have no idea what the word MEAN is? that means that as many larger than 1000 then there are as many lower than 1000... so how many old guys buy harley dressers and cant keep them in their lane? and how many people have killed themselves on CL100s...

Numbers gone up? yep. ready for this. 100-500cc bikes; there are less of them. so maybe the fact that that the lower CC bikes keep going up has as much if not more to do with it than the actual size of most bikes. Consider if a CL100 crashes and kills and a 1000CC crashes and kills its a mean of 550 and a 500 ninja and a 1000 crash then its 750... hm.....

Secondly do you really believe this spin? How about the crap printed that Cruisers crash less than sports bikes because of the type of bikes... hmmm...

Just remember, its not guns that kill people its people that kill people.

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I say you are uneducated to keep back from calling you a retard. Added, going back in forth with me Screen Name to Screen Name makes me think you don't work enough. Keep seeking attention by posting in my Thread, maybe someone will give you a hug and you can break down and shed a tear.

The point of the clip was to show something that makes people Paranoid, i was vibing with the wheelies, injuries and so forth. I assume in your eyes a Paranoid News clip is different then what I think it is. Congrads, we both have different brains, good luck in Germany!
Alright @sshole, Lets see:

-Come in glorifying these child minded idiots in doing so you either
a. Didn't read the boards to see that most of the people on here detest the stupidity of "stuntaz" on public roads because they are the ones that end up causing more laws that hurt the law abiding riders or...
b. Read that we don't like this stupidity and figured it would be fun to terrorize the people on the site

-Either of the above options show that you are uneducated that you are uneducated and either
a. You can't read, don't want to read or your reading comprehension is so low that you shouldn't have been let out of the 3rd grade or...
b. You have such a low self esteem that you have to come irritate and attempt to bully people that have done nothing to you and have left you totally alone. No on here came and bothered you did they?

-Now your sitting here calling long time paying members of the site "retards" which is highly offensive. None of us are the ones out there with out ATTGAT doing stupid stunts on the highway and eventually eating asphalt in T-shirts.

-You're going to tell me that I am unintelligent or uneducated for insulting you but why don't you take a look in the mirror buddy.

-People like you and your "stunta" buddies are the reason why everyone else has to sit here and read all the crap about the government in Florida wanting to take your bike away, do you realize that? Do you realize if you keep this up and this crap gets through that everyone one of you will lose your bikes and probably your license? So what are you going to do buy another bike and ride with out a license? well good then you'll get tossed in jail and we won't have to deal with your idiocy.

-Why don't you just go away before you get banned from the site? Your starting to p*ss people off.

General Zod for president! No taxes, just death.
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