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That last post I did about the motorcycle wreck on the highway seemed to grab some attention by other people as well. Inside Edition did a story on them and that wreck, it is on the front page of Look everyone I am spamming on a forum because I don't know how to create a real business plan

Or you can go directly to the clip in youtube here.
YouTube - Inside Edition on Motorcycles, Adrenaline Crew bikers

Here is the uncut version, without the reporter being able to CUT N PASTE what answers he wants..
YouTube - Inside Edition on Motorcycles, UNCUT INTERVIEW! Adrenaline Crew (our camera)

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
hate away!

The group tape their wild stunts on public highways all across the country and then sell the videos with titles like "Awaiting Trial" and "100% Illegal."

A video shows Kelley traveling on Interstate 95 in Maryland, one of the busiest roads in America, and wiping out in the middle of the highway. He survived with just a few bruises, but was cited for reckless driving.

Senior Investigative Correspondent Matt Meagher spoke with Kenny Kelley. Though Kelley described the highway wipeout as "a stupid error," Meagher was quick to point out that the crash was caught on camera and became great promotion for his videotape.

Kelley agreed. "Yes, most likely, most likely. My wipeout is one of the reasons that it's successful. That's why it's there."

At speeds reaching nearly 200 MPH many motorcycles can easily outrun a police car, but still sometimes they get caught.

The day INSIDE EDITION caught up with "The Adrenaline Crew" they were doing their stunts legally in a parking lot in Baltimore.

Kelley insists because of his crew's experience, they don't pose much of a risk to the public.

When Meagher asked Kelley if it is fair to the general public that he and his crew are profiting off of something that is potentially very dangerous to the public Kelley replied, "Well, cell phone companies profit off cell phones, and more people are killed in cell phone accidents than in motorcycle accidents." Meagher quickly pointed out that his statement made no sense.

Kelley's crew is just one of many groups taping their dangerous stunts on the nation's highways. Many are now using elaborate Hollywood techniques to capture their antics in the most dramatic ways.

But now, police are cracking down. Sergeant John Lago is with the California Highway Patrol.

"We're doing surveillance in an area that's known for stunters to gather," Sgt. Lago tells INSIDE EDITION.

On the night INSIDE EDITION joined him he was trying to intercept potential stunters before they got on the highways. He came upon one group of bikers at a gas station. One of the riders showed INSIDE EDITION how he flattens the gas tank so he can easily sit on his handlebars while riding. He assured Sgt. Lago he only does stunts on private property, where it's legal.

Since the officer says the bikers didn't break any laws, he let them go with just a friendly warning. However, Sgt. Lago tells INSIDE EDITION, "Stunting is very dangerous. They show a total disregard, no courtesy, and that's why we're aggressively enforcing it. If we see you stunting, you are going to jail."

However, no matter how hard the police crack down, riders like Kenny Kelley and his crew say they have no plans on slowing down.

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Good catch

Love how he trys to justify his argument with the cell phone comment?
"Well, cell phone companies profit off cell phones, and more people are killed in cell phone accidents than in motorcycle accidents."

Impossible to argue with someone who uses that sort of "logic".
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