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Motorcycles More Popular Than Ever

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The website should also tell people to take a training course. The last thing I want to see is motorcycle accidents going up because a bunch of morons (not MOrons) are hopping on a 1000+cc bike and getting themselves hurt. That will start a whole new round of "motorcycles are too dangerous" in the press.
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I think that may have been me searching for a new bike. I found one so the search #s should drop back down to normal.
I got a Multistrada. It was a tough one though, Tuono, Speed Triple every time I turned around I developed A.D.D. then terrets.

I am very happy so far (1k miles) bought it with 1500 miles and hard bags. Poor sucker done went and hurt himself at work and could not ride no mo.
Can the good NADAguides' folk also confirm a surplus of water in New Orleans....sheesh Arnie should slap a stiffer tax on Jack Daniel's finest cause these guys clearly have consumed too much.
Dang, gas is sure getting expensive. Well, let's see. Maybe I should get one of those motorcycles. Here, I'll check prices with NADA. Cool, a Harley XL1200C for only $9495. I'll go down and pick one up now, plus spend several hundred bucks more for some cool clothes and a helmet. Guess I'd better call the insurance man, too. Oh boy, I'm gonna be saving some serious money now with my economical new motorcycle. I wonder how hard they are to ride.
Bah. I got better gas mileage from my 1994 Mitsubishi Mirage than I do from my 05 GSXR... The car got about the same as my 2001 Bandit 600 did. I like the bike a whole lot more, but it's not anywhere near as cheap to run.

"It's always easier to do things the hard way. -- Chango
Way to go Chango. Anyone who drives a gas guzzler should be sent to Iraq for a couple of months guard duty in swimming pants to learn what a term "national interest" means.

- cruiz-euro
Not everyone drives a Mirage, etc. Any bike short of a turbine engine beats my truck out when it comes to the pump.
"I got better gas mileage from my 1994 Mitsubishi Mirage than I do from my 05 GSXR... "

Considering that GSXR will outrun just about anything on the road, and the Mirage couldn't muster enough acceleration, or speed, to get out of its own way, I'd say your comparison stinks!
I could ride a Multistrada. I just couldn't stand looking at it when I was done! Why does a 'practical' bike have to be so ugly? Is it a requirement??
3/4s of it looks good. It's just the goofy, Rocky Robot fairing that's awful. Maybe we can all hunt down Terblanche and punch him in the face. He did that wonderful update to the ST line as well.
We could all ride Brutales and secretly suck the oil reserve dry.
I'd enjoy that. I see they came out with a 910 Brutale. Maybe get down in the teens with that puppy!
Give the guy a break - he drives a '94 Mitsubishi Mirage ferchrisakes!
Come on guys, I never said it was a good comparison. I was simply trying to remind folks that you can get good gas mileage from a small car, occassionally better than bikes. And small cars are perfectly adequate for most people. Clearly there are folks who need larger vehicles, just not most people. As a side note I don't have the Mirage anymore; all I have is the bike.
I only ride on moonless nights on an empty stomach. I can't begin to defend the looks of the bike. I've ridden a bunch of stuff that disgusted me afterward........(wait for it)

I agree with Buzz, I think the bike is great from the top of the headligh to the tail pipe. I back it in my garage so I can only see the back right 2/3 of the bike. I love to look at that tire hanging out there.
'I got better gas mileage from my 1994 Mitsubishi Mirage than I do from my 05 GSXR... '

Chango, that's probably because the Mitsubishi was running on two cylinders and spent a lot of time being pushed or towed! He he.
And a Toyota Prius gets 50 mpg in traffic, at least mine does. On open highway at speed, you get no great advantage, as there isn't energy storage through deceleration. I prefer the bikes, but anyone who thinks that they save much fuel is kidding themselves. (Commuting, which I don't do any more, is a separate issue.)
You must be referring to the Mirage with the 1.5 liter mill. However, the Mirage with the 1.8 - now there's a car.
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