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In my SCI rehab "group" last month, there were about 11 other guys there, all with paralysis due to spinal cord injury.

4 were street bike accidents,(5 if you include me), two were off-road injuries involving supercross type racing, with the rest being work related injuries (falling off roofs, scaffolds, etc).

None were auto accidents. If that is any indication of how many prople get paralyzed on bikes vs. cars, the results are pretty clear.

Over in the brain injury ward, 50% of the people were teenagers who got into car/bike wrecks. One kid got nailed by a car, and then run over while on his SV650. He was a mess.

Although some might scream "SOCIALISM!" this is a good new law. Ask anyone with a spinal cord injury.
Maybe they should make the cagers pay it since they seem to be the biggest part of the problem. And, how soon does the state start diverting this money for other "needs" and starts dropping an IOU into the fun?
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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