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Mugello GP preview from Aprilia

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Pray for dry.

I wonder how Kato will handle all that Italian testosterone.
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You'd think that fanatics like the bunch at Aprillia, would know that Mugello is not used for Formula One. Ferrari uses it for testing, but it isn't even on the F-1 schedule. Hardly "the #1 Circuit for F-1" if they were speaking strictly in terms of Ferrari F-1 testing, then they would still have to consider Fiorano as Ferrari's #1 track and Mugello #2. Fiorano is Ferrari's "home" track, as it is on the grounds of the factory and 90% of all tires that turn on Fiorano are either mounted on a Ferrari or a Ducati. What this has to do with I don't know, I suppose I'm just filling space because I like the sound of my own keys.
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