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MV Brutale Street/Track & Owner

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Where did you geezers find that sexy beast to pose on the bike?

The one with the helmet and leathers.
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As long as the Kook family keeps breeding, there will always be plenty of fine motorcycles in my garage.
Sean dwarfs it at 6-2. I fit fine on it at 5-10 although the pegs are a bit high even for me.

It's a 200 mile roundtrip to MO and back from my house. My ass hurts way before my knees so the footpeg placement isn't all that bad.
Sean we really should have done the sidebar bar piece on famed MV racer Livello Liquido and his equally excellent mechanic, Diagnostica.
I agree with all of you.

The R1 and ZX-10 are the best Japanese designs to come out in years. However the real difference is in the minute details. You've really got to get close to the Brutale to see the real genius in sculpting every part.
Sean's let me ride 12 bikes for which MO was responsible. I believe there is enough mutual respect between us to know that he would ride it hard without subjecting it to undue harm.

I've got 1500 miles on it with no problems. The thing is stout no question. My bikes aren't trailer queens and it will be ridden as hard as the others - just not as far!
Re: OK, so let me get this straight SA...

I don't think you'll hear Sean call the MV a "carbon fiber clown suit" anytime soon.
Re: Chopper vs. Brutale - A

I think he put a little winky thing after his comment Sean.

It was pretty good bait though and a very professional answer on your part!
Re: Smokin

Except you would fall into the category of people "who seem to know very little about riding motorcycles."
Imagine how many more cool bikes I could share with the readers if the gov't wasn't handing out 50% of my income to illegal aliens!
Re: I agree with all of you.

Even if there's no coolant in it it will still look cool.
Re: If only ....

I think they make more than that. Now that Proton is pumping in cash, MV has Ducati-like sales goals. I think they'll need some entry-level bikes if they hope to acheive that.

Time will tell.
I submitted a do-rag review to Sean. He should be posting it soon. It's got skulls and stuff and I look real mean wearing it.
1 - 13 of 90 Posts
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