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MV Brutale Street/Track & Owner

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Where did you geezers find that sexy beast to pose on the bike?

The one with the helmet and leathers.
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Nice touch on the header pipes. This is one bike that really is fun to look at up close. I got a kidney for sale that ain't been subjected to too much hard drinkin'. Any takers?

Seriously though, why all the *****ing about the high price. That's a moderate price for a new Harley and those things are everywhere. I have yet to even see a Brutale in person.
Great test. Beautiful bike. Although I think Buz must have rocks in his head to let Sean ride the danged thing. I'll bet Buz was on the verge of a nervous breakdown the whole time.

It's fun to see Sean plumb the depths of handling that someone else's bike is capable of.

How have the reliability issues been, Buz? Not that it matters. The bike will only hold its value over the years, regardless.

I agree with all of you.

The R1 and ZX-10 are the best Japanese designs to come out in years. However the real difference is in the minute details. You've really got to get close to the Brutale to see the real genius in sculpting every part.
Sean's let me ride 12 bikes for which MO was responsible. I believe there is enough mutual respect between us to know that he would ride it hard without subjecting it to undue harm.

I've got 1500 miles on it with no problems. The thing is stout no question. My bikes aren't trailer queens and it will be ridden as hard as the others - just not as far!
MCC is it. I love that F4!
Thet do have the cool bikes there!
seems like a blatant rip of the Suzuki whatever it was 400 Bandit? circa `94. that was a cool little bike and i think more powerful than the Brutale.
I've heard this bike wail its siren song. It's irresistable!

Unfortunately the dyno video doesn't do it justice. Like Buzz said, you've got to see it in person... and hear it!
Re: OK, so let me get this straight SA...

I don't think you'll hear Sean call the MV a "carbon fiber clown suit" anytime soon.
Chopper vs. Brutale - A "double standard"?

Does it really seem like I am applying a "double standard" to the Ridgeback and the Brutale? I think the crux of the issue is that I get paid to discuss the facts, merits and weaknesses of the motorcycles that I ride. I do this, so that readers can make informed buying decisions or at least be entertained and enlightened during their boring workdays. For readers who don’t care what a motorcycle is actually like to ride, they can skip my words and check out the tech specs and plethora of photos in every article.

In the case of Big Dog Ridgeback review vs. MV Brutale review, the facts happen to be that the Big Dog was a ***** poor tool for anything that involved actually riding the motorcycle. I (rightly) criticized it for that and for the fact that the discomfort associated with the Ridgeback’s riding position is caused strictly for the sake of making the rider "look" cool. In addition to discomfort, the "chopper" riding position deliberately compromises all aspects of the bike’s dynamic performance and safety. When I rode a chopper and it handled like a "chopper", I told the readers that it didn’t work very well as a "motorcycle". I do the same thing when any other bike I test has a bad trait, for example: ZX-10R headshake and shifting problems, weak Harley brakes, Brutale fuel injection and suspension tuning, etc… In the Ridgeback review, I pointed out the bike’s weaknesses, just as I would with any other bike. I also pointed out its strengths in the realm that it was designed for (it is loud and mean sounding, impresses bystanders, draws a crowd, etc…).

In the Brutale’s case, the bike happens to work well as a motorcycle. Even though the Brutale’s riding position happens to offer the MOST EFFECTIVE means of controlling a moving motorcycle, I still criticized it for being uncomfortable. Furthermore, the fact is that the Brutale's functional shortcomings are miniscule compared to any chopper's, yet I still pointed those Brutale shortcomings out to MO’s readers. In the Brutale’s defense, its dynamic shortcomings are NOT caused by a basic design that is deliberately compromised and in flagrant disregard of the fundamentals of motorcycle handling (like a rigid chopper’s lack of rear suspension, or raked-out and extended forks). I was disappointed with the Brutale, because its flaws are easily fixable and I think the MV factory should have sorted them out, before releasing an otherwise outstanding motorcycle.

MO is a motorcycle magazine for people who ride motorcycles. My complaints about the Big Dog Ridgeback AND my complaints about the Brutale, are centered around the facts pertinent to their basic operation as a motorcycle. If your idea of "motorcycling" is based on trying to get a date with a woman, or sitting around with a bunch of drunk guys bragging about the bike that is parked in the lot, then choppers are a superior motorcycle in every regard. Thankfully, I think most of the MO readers are more interested in a motorcycle’s capabilities and functionality, than they are with its ability to impress people who seem to know very little about actually riding motorcycles. -Sean
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Re: Chopper vs. Brutale - A

Personally, I'm OK with the concept of using a bike to pick up women. Does that make me a bad person?
Re: Chopper vs. Brutale - A

I think he put a little winky thing after his comment Sean.

It was pretty good bait though and a very professional answer on your part!
Have you been to their "other" warehouse? I went to sit on the Sprint they have, and he took me next door. I was wondering what they did with all their bikes. Also, its kinda cool to hear them tuning a triple in the basement while you drool on the F4...
Re: Chopper vs. Brutale - A

What I find sad is that you have to explain this. A most eloquent rebuttal.
Yes, I know where their other warehouse is. They were going to build a new building close by a couple years ago, but sales haven't been so hot as of late. Really good people there and a cool place to hang on a Sat afternoon.
"The bike will only hold its value over the years, regardless."

Let's not start the "value" thing again. I'm sure sombody's feelings are hurt already.
Mental note to self....

....ribbing Sean about his closeted love for bikes that look and sound cool but have ****ty ergos, performance, and a whopping price tag is more effective at getting a rise out of him than shoving a white-hot flaming gerbil up his arse.

(in voice of Monte Burns)


"Thankfully, I think most of the MO readers are more interested in a motorcycle’s capabilities and functionality, than they are with its ability to impress people who seem to know very little about actually riding motorcycles "

You go girl. :) I can see I am having a positive effect on your ablities as a professional motorcycle editor, Racer Boy. :)
Re: Smokin

Except you would fall into the category of people "who seem to know very little about riding motorcycles."
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