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MV Brutale Street/Track & Owner

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Where did you geezers find that sexy beast to pose on the bike?

The one with the helmet and leathers.
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Re: Mental note to self....

I gotta say, Sean not only took that bait, but I think the hook is somewhere in his large intestine!
Re: Smokin

What do you mean that he "seems" to know little about motorcycles? I thought is was clear he know nothing, and possibly doesn't even own one.
If only ....

"They were going to build a new building close by a couple years ago, but sales haven't been so hot as of late"
Too bad Clinton couldn't have ran for a third term. I am sure during the third Clinton administration: [*] The budget would be running a surplus. [*] Bin Laden would have been captured[*] Your job wouldn't be outsourced to India[*]MV sales would of been great[*]You would see Brutales all over your neighborhood.

Never fear help is on the way.

Kerry vs Bush

[*]Hero vs Zero

[*]5 medals vs AWOL

[*]Hockey Player vs Yale cheerleade

[*]motorcyclist vs Segway reject
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I guess that bike is OK if you're into motorcycles as a stylish expression of engineering functionality, overflowing with sensual stimulation while propelling the rider into a zen-like state of mono-wheeled bliss.

Me, I'm a simple man who just needs a rawkin Gixxer for my stripper girlfriend to gyrate on. BTW, can anybody recommend a good seat cleaning product?
Re: I agree with all of you.

The coolant line on the left side is "sweet-ass". I'm gonna' get one and bolt it onto my GSXR!
Re: Smokin

Uh, how is that a compliment ? How obtuse are you?
"Me, I'm a simple man who just needs a rawkin Gixxer for my stripper girlfriend to gyrate on. BTW, can anybody recommend a good seat cleaning product?"

Your tongue??
Re: Mental note to self....

No ****e! If I had known that was all it took to get SA to write a few hundred words, I would have twisted that nipple a long time ago!
My tongue works well, give me a call if yours isn't working.
How many MV Agustas do you see at the local junkyard, longride?
Haven't seen a one at the boneyard. Haven't seen any Harleys either, but somehow got into a whopper flame fest when I mentioned that.
Re: If only ....

Why is it that you have to come in and ruin a totally good subthread with your political BS? I really could care less what you think Clinton could have done in a third term... It doesn't matter. What about his veritable sidekick? I'm surprised you're not jumping on the "What would Gore have done for our economy" BS instead!

Go crawl back under your rock, maybe you'll be able to think clearer then.

Oh, and MV sales will never be up. They only make 300-500 units world wide if I remember correctly (but unlike you, I could be wrong...)
Yep, I've been to the other warehouse. That's were I plucked my ST3 out of.

I could have paid less- maybe $300 less- for my Ducati but I would have had to purchase from Chicago Cycle Center or Power Motorsports in Palatine. There was no way I was going to let either of those places setup and service a Ducati for me. CCC and Power sell so many bikes they don't have the time to do a good job- and probably lack the knowledge to do a good job- with setup or service after the sale. I bought a Suzuki DRZ from CCC and I waited an hour to fill out two pieces of paperwork because the salesman had so many things going on. He told me they sold 60 GSXR's alone that weekend and were swamped trying to get them setup and out the door. That was just the GSXR's!

MCC is a great place. Family owned and operated, attention to detail, and a fun place to hang out for a bit. You get what you pay for is a true statement in regards to their shop.
Cool article. Sweet looking and sounding bike. You know Buz, this is making it harder to sympathize with your little "tax bracket problem" ;-).
Would the Brutale get hotter chicks?

No, you may need to be more concerned about "personal protection" with the "chopper chick" though.
Safety with pillions

I just wear a raincoat, tell them that my name is Dale, and have them call me at your number.

Seems to work so far.

Imagine how many more cool bikes I could share with the readers if the gov't wasn't handing out 50% of my income to illegal aliens!
Re: If only ....

If Clinton was president, Chris Reeves would be walking - nay, frolicking with bunnies in fields of poppies - right now, and Brutales would be as common as Civics. No lie. For my money, KPaul SAVED this thread from discussion of stupid motorcycles. Those things are dangerous and loud and just plain rude.
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