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MV Brutale Street/Track & Owner

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Where did you geezers find that sexy beast to pose on the bike?

The one with the helmet and leathers.
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Buzz...Just One Request

I am very interested in a long-term followup by you on this magnificent machine. There are a few motorcycles that I would never part with for many reasons. I am interested to learn whether this Brutale might one of those candidates in your stable of motorcycles? Thanks.
I submitted a do-rag review to Sean. He should be posting it soon. It's got skulls and stuff and I look real mean wearing it.
Re: Sarcasm for dummies

Sarcasm? THAT? Not sarcasm, but infantile. Big difference.

It's the kpaul equivalent of "I know you are, but what am I?" My 9 year old daughter could dust you on her dirtbike AND in witty retorts.

Sean, how about a reader's poll? I'd gladly DOUBLE my subscription fee if Kpaul were not allowed to renew his subscription. I can't take his drivel any longer. My guess is that I'm not alone.

How 'bout it?
Anyone notice that it says "An Owner's Perpective"?
Re: MV Brutale injection map

"I suspect an overly rich fuel map to be the culprit, but then again I'm no mechanic."

Don't be coy, Sean: between your suspicion and Buz' observed 25mpg, it's more than a gut feeling.
Re: Sarcasm for dummies


What's the preferred way to deal with idiots?

1 Argue forever

2 Shoot them

3 Censor them

4 Don't like it, don't read it

5 Gore should have won in '00!

I'll put myself down for a "4."

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Did you "play" a lot of "Japanese" RPGs as a kid?
Cheng Shin Installation, by Owner

I purchased a Cheng Shin inner tube (model # ZX011221P) back in february, and it's been fine so far. I probably won't buy one again, however.

When it shipped, it came in a deflated(!) state, without instructions on how to correct this. I filled half-way up, and passed out twice, before I realized that it would be much easier if I pulled the core from the valve stem first. Also, the vulcanized metal they use for the threads chafed my lips quite badly.

Overall, I give it a 4 1/2.
I think you might spend too much time at the junkyard
Yes inddeeedty Monsdtrer S45rr would bnye byfar voioller goid i am drubnkj ruight noiw
81 - 90 of 90 Posts
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