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My cruiser got smoked

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Throw it in the dryer on Air Fluff for a while.

It worked for my clothes when I came home from a smoky bar.
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Just give it time. Or wear a full-face helmet and you won't notice.
I think you should keep it. Adds character.
Remove the gas cap, then have a friend push the motorcycle forward. Have another friend push a new motorcycle under the gas cap, then screw it back on and go for a ride. Problem solved.
Re: A Sign of Quality

Tell your friends it was aged in a charred oak barrel and how smooth it is.

Wash the bike and let throughly dry.

Purchase some Goop hand cleaner ($1.00 a tub) at Wal Mart and rub all washable parts with it.

Then rinse bike and wash with normal motorcycle or automotive detergent.
I've gotten used to my "smoked" wind screen.
I borrowed an anorak once for a trip to the backcountry. When I returned it I apologized for the smell. A week later the owner thanked me for the wonderful, smoky aroma-- she actually loved that nice campfire smell. Enjoy it. Unless your bike smells like zoopers, or burning hair. Seriously. How can your bike smell? Just washi it and ride it and it should air out just fine.
Take it to the car wash and blast it with that pink foaming soap, that stuff smells strong enough to knock the flies off a sh*t wagon, then ride it around in the rain to get a nice even coating of road crud on there. No one will notice after that.
Use a mixture of liac scented Raid, and vasolene. It works for my hair, so why not your bike. Keeps the bugs out, too.

The smoking lamp is not lit.
Why sure it is....stand right there while I flip these matches at yas.....
You're kidding, right? If not, see Goop, above.
And I thought the guy with the Gold Wing training wheel problem was a pansy

- cruiz-euro

If fishy is better, bring into the kitchen and cook up a fish - better than smoked..... maybe some fresh air or Fabreze will do the trick, good luck.
My wisecrack was funnier than your wisecrack.
Like when the waterpipes on the Indy would fill up with JP5, and you'd get drenched with high grade hot kerosene when showering.

mmm, the smell of JP in the morning, in my food, bug juice, coffee and hair.
Stored for 18 months? Hope your tank was full and you had some type of gas stabilizer in it.

One thing I leaned early in my bike riding career was that the smell you detect while riding is never your own. If you notice it when you stop at the lights then it may be you but generally it's the mug in front with the burned out brake pads.

Just ride it.
Ride hard, put away wet... repeat.

Think of the odor as advertising for the blind.
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