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My Late Father's Collection of Helmets

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As title reads, I have a collection of Helmets left behind by my father who was an avid motorcycle hobbyist. I, on the other hand, have very little knowledge of such. If anyone could help me identify (not a sale post) what helmets I have that would be awesome. They all just need a good wipe down with a cloth and they would be near mint I'd say. No visible damage, interior is all good and fine.

I'm also looking to post on other websites, preferably more active forums or marketplaces. If anyone has any insight or recommendations as to where would be best to do so, It's greatly appreciated.

All I need is identification. If it helps at all, all of them were purchased between 2007-2009. 9/14/09 was his last ride :(


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In May of 2013, the DOT came out with a new requirement for labeling the back of helmets that are approved for motorcycle use on public roads. I doubt there's much interest in used helmets that are older than 2013 for actual road use, although there is such a thing as helmet collecting.
A helmet has some components in it that degrade with age-- foam, vinyl, nylon, polyester, leather. Almost everything gets weaker with age.
To clarify a bit:
The usual recommendation is that a "crash helmet" has a design life of only 5 years and should be replaced every 5 years or so. I suspect that most people don't really do that but one over 10 years old should be considered a "collectors item" and NOT for actual street use.
With that in mind, I think you would be lucky to give them away.
Good luck.
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