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Myrtle Beach Rally Feedback

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Wow! Crome dice vavle stem caps, Maltese Cross mirrors, and some haggard looking broads. Sorry I missed it. VWW
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Wait til you see what they look like at the BMW rally!

Frau Blucher...(horse whinnying sound effects)
Frau Blucher lived in Transylvania, which is probably another third world country that Harley outsources it's "custom" parts from. VWW
Anybody care to comment on the body count? There were 9 killed during the rally, and 9 more killed the next weekend during the Black Biker weekend. As I understand it, the vast majority of the crashes were single vehicle.

Up to that point, things were great, I suppose.
I'll give you a full report on the babes. I'm riding to Lake Tahoe for the Beemer party but I'll be taking the Ducati.

Don't want to offend the sensitive BMW riders by showing up at a Euro party with an 'merican motorsickle.
Just admit it Buz, you'll be taking the Ducati because you know that you will have more fun on the mountain roads with it. VWW
Well ok. Plus the Geezer Glide gets to go to teh 100th in Milwaukee so I don't want the Duc to be jealous.

You know how Italians can be..........
You don't think the lack of helmets and alcohol abuse had anything to do with the body count, do you?

But they were stout, sexy and macho while they lasted! Oh, and the freedom, yes the freedom.
Just remember Buzz, "loud clutches save lives" Slammin' a Ducati around lake Tahoe dodging Beemers has got to be the most fun you can have with your drawers on!!
We Have a Winner!

Well I don't know about you guys, but I cast my vote for the young lady in red in pic 23. May you live well and breath easy. First runner up is the lady in pic 16. OH! You mean this is about motorcycles? Ooops! My bad.

Singles and Twins Forever!
And Furthermore!

Blucher...(horse whinnying sound effects)
Those stats are always misleading, for example one year in Daytona the death count included drunken bikers falling off hotel balconies and guys wearing leather who were run over on cross walks by AARP members.

Frankly, given the amount of liquor consumed and testosterone present I'm surprised 100's don't die!

BTW, after they repealed the helmet law in Florida, the next Daytona meet had a lower casualty rate than the preceeding helmeted ones....go figure!
Where's the pictures of the Angelz?!

Come on KPaul, imagine that, a lower toll after the helmet became a person's choice. Funny how that works. Sure, if you hit your head during a wreck that helmet might save your drool maker but I maintain that people without the helmets pay more attention to what they are doing. If a person is out doing stunts and the like and wreck then who the heck can feel for them if then crack their brain pan open helmet or not. If that biker is out there racing his sport bike at twice the speed limit then he'd better wear all the protective gear he can put on. When he wrecks and maims himself or others then the stats should be seperate. Sport bikes are cool and all but they are the real reason all the nonbikers insist on helmet laws for the rest of us. Riding under the influence is also part of the equation.
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The second photo looks like it was taken in a den of vampires. Check out the eyes. Very scary.
I'm so glad there are many facets to our sport. I like what I like and this ain't it. Ya'll enjoy however, even you dead guys.
Symptom, or cause?

I have a question:

Do fat people gravitate towards cruisers, or do HD riders start off looking normal,

and develop enormous bellies following some Harley Dream (TM) of 'crusin' for beers'?

Just curious...
Is sniveling about other folks taste and enjoyment a requirement here, or is it an option? Sure is a lot of it for whatever reason!
Re: Symptom, or cause?

If you are really curious, go up to one of those guys with the enormous bellies and ask them personally. Get real close so you can hear their answer. Go fish another pond dipshyt.
Dude. I think you are wrong if you are saying that most riders are hurt because of speeding, or because they ride sport bikes.

Most bike accidents actually occur at relatively low speeds. This is one of leading arguments for the anti-helmet crowd. Check the Hurt report.

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