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Come on KPaul, imagine that, a lower toll after the helmet became a person's choice. Funny how that works. Sure, if you hit your head during a wreck that helmet might save your drool maker but I maintain that people without the helmets pay more attention to what they are doing. If a person is out doing stunts and the like and wreck then who the heck can feel for them if then crack their brain pan open helmet or not. If that biker is out there racing his sport bike at twice the speed limit then he'd better wear all the protective gear he can put on. When he wrecks and maims himself or others then the stats should be seperate. Sport bikes are cool and all but they are the real reason all the nonbikers insist on helmet laws for the rest of us. Riding under the influence is also part of the equation.
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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