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Myrtle Beach Rally Feedback

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Wow! Crome dice vavle stem caps, Maltese Cross mirrors, and some haggard looking broads. Sorry I missed it. VWW
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Now now boys. Lets be nice to the cruiser crowd. They have beer bellies and biker chicks. In sportbikedom, we have our pillion chicks, and squids.

Besides all that chrome pays for the R&D for our high-tech rockets.

answer ...

cruiser riders, by and large, live long enough to get grizzled and fat. crotch rocketeers die young (but leave great-looking corpses!).

i know 'cause i graduated from one to the other; started off as a squid but surived my Big Bail. i'm having a wonderful time now, enjoying the scenery and the brotherhood of the open road. join us before it's too late.

it's not such a bad thing ....
actually, the local athorities reported that a few of these unfortunate deaths MAY HAVE been caused by lack of wearing a helmet. They failed to mention that almost all had an automobile involved. We can all relate to that.
I'm just going to ride slowly at a steady throttle opening to show them what fuel injection that doesn't surge sounds/feels like.

That is if they can hear the motor over all the clutch racket.
Take that knife out of my belly!! You're callin' me KPaul? I'm the anti KPaul (well, assistant really since Longrider is the real anti KPaul)

Anyhoo, I'm not commenting on the usefulness of helmet laws, merely reporting the facts.

I wear my helmet when commuting on my sports bike, I tend not to wear my helmet when putting around the mountains on my cruiser.
Re: answer ...

>>crotch rocketeers die young (but leave great-looking corpses!)<<

Heh, mostly, as in when we get their heads out of their full-face helmets they always look great.
Maybe they're just only mostly dead.
Nah. It's probably the guys who get a max of 500 miles per year riding experience.. helmeted or not.
Re: Symptom, or cause?

I own a big gut and ride an ST1100. My buddy rides a Dyna Low rider, is 145 lbs. and 5"10"'. We come in all shapes and ride all sorts of bikes. Relax, stop pointing fingers and get out there and ride.
Princess Bride

You and Zawa are more proof that bikers are romantics... as if the motorcycle, itself, weren't proof enough :)
I believe he was simple 'calling Kpaul out' not calling you Kpaul.
Re: Symptom, or cause?

Awww, relax man. I was just joking. It was kind of a roadkill reaction to those pics of the shirtless guys. I mean, I'm not the most fit guy in the world, but if I looked like that I'd keep my damn shirt on...
Re: answer ...

cruiser riders are nothing but squids who finally realized it takes some skill to pilot a sportbike and decided to pose instead of ride
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