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MZ 125 Supermoto: Little MOtards

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Awesome bike, I like it! We need more of these little fun dual-sports, especially 2-strokes. Is it possible to put dirt tires on there?
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Dunno if they are made in smallish sizes, but the DOT-legal knobbies on sale nowadays are awesome! Spendy, and five bucks says their only relation to being truly DOT-legal is that they printed "DOT" on them ;-)

Once and for all, I'm not Sean.

But I think this is one of the few times I've inspired anyone or anything...except for maybe contempt, fear, suspicion, frustration and, more than once, pity.

The easiest way to tell the difference between me and Sean is to put us on motorcycles. You'll know who is who right away.

Matt, that's cool little bike. Once you decide to move on to something bigger, please keep it and continue to ride the hell out of it. I like MZs.

Oh, and thanks for upping the ante with pictures. Now part two of the Daytona story is looking that much more daunting. Yeah, thanks a lot, show-off.

Speaking of which, Longride, where's your 'Busa piece?
great to see someone learn the proper ways of riding without doing it on a full on race rep, smart, way smart
". It also weighs 285Lbs soaking wet, looks like something a european terrorist would ride in a James Bond movie, costs less than a nice riding mower, and has the appeal of dual-sport-ability. Oh yeah, did I mention it has a two-year unlimited milage waranty and is built in Germany? " Yeah baby (Austin Powers voice) " Cool looking bike. Nice article. I want one.. Looks like the ultimate urban assault vechicle to combat all of those SUVs....Thanks Mathew!
Nice job. It is good to hear about a bike that is likely not to be reviewed otherwise. I am going to guess that the closest MV dealer in Oregon is in California, and God knows that Oregonians would rather buy from Satan.
Sad foot-note to this tale...

10 days short of a year since I bought the bike, 14 days ago, Saturday the fourth to be exact; a 95 year old man driving a '77 Benz 450 convertible "didn't see" me. I "came out of nowhere" into his passenger-side door as he performed a left turn from the on-comming lane, after waiting for the car I as following at a distance of about 2 car lengths to pass him.

The Police and his insurance company are both in agreement, and the whole event is costing me nothing -monetarily...

I broke my left wrist quite convincingly, and less convincingly totaled my MZ against the side of his boat-mobile. We're still working on the property damage settlement for my bike... And the personal injury/loss of wages/etc is likely to drag into this winter as I continue to under go physical therapy.

Oh well, I had no ilussions that I'd *never* be involved in an accident on my bike, and I could have been hurt much more badly. Once my wrist is up to riding again, I plan to take an advanced MSF course, maybe learn the magic way to avoid old men in the future. *grin*
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Actually,MZ makes a dual purpose version of this bike the 125SX. The drive train is identical but it has 18' rear and 21' front wheels with "enduro' tires. it goes for 300 bucks less than the SM,weighs 4 lbs less and sits a little higher. A woman at the Gainesville AHRMA Nationals was riding one in the pits. She said she rides it back and forth to work and uses it to ride with her kids at the local offroad park.She was pretty thin(maybe 120 lbs) but she said it had plenty power to carry her around the practice MX track.
Hey it broke right after you bought it. It really is built like a BMW!
Re: Sad foot-note to this tale...

I hear you could go to the gym to learn that move!
Re: Once and for all, I'm not Sean.

Longride, where's your 'Busa piece? Maybe he's worried that someone will call him a hack! VWW
Yeah, but if it was a BMW he probably could have unloaded it by now. How's the ST4 sale going BTW?
Seattle and Olympia have dealers. Go Sonics beat the Jail Blazers next year.
Re: Once and for all, I'm not Sean.

Busa Busa Busa (crowd chanting wildly)... More machine then I can handle..
I have been dreaming about a reliable CA street legal 250cc motard for about a year now :( This one looks nice even if the ccs are a little low. I need something that can get up to 80 for a while on the LA freeways.
Looks GREAT and sounds like fun around town and out in the boonies, anywhere except freeways almost.
Great writeup! Thanks.

Sorry to hear about your accident, though.

FWIW, I just bought an old DT125 for $200, and it's a gas around the neighborhood.
The ST4 hasn't been offered for sale in more than year. I ran one ad and decided I liked it too much. The Brutale may go up for sale soon.

Since the ex bailed off to Idaho, I have very little time to ride.
single parenthood does seem to cut into your discretionary income and riding time.
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