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MZ 125 Supermoto: Little MOtards

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Awesome bike, I like it! We need more of these little fun dual-sports, especially 2-strokes. Is it possible to put dirt tires on there?
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Yeah, a good solid draft'll get you 80, but if you loose the suck yer back to 65-70. Not really freeway capable for long distances, but just for hopping between a couple of exits its not life threatening either. I miss the little bugger already.
Re: Sad foot-note to this tale...

is that the same gym that teaches you how to defend aginst people armed with bananas?
The starter one-way bearing is aparently notorious, especialy if you have the 150cc kit installed, riders of out of waranty MZ 125s suggest keeping a spair on hand. Other than that, and the occasional sticky choke*, the 125s seem to have lived up to the "bullet proof" moniker.

My boy is seven. Isn't yours about the same age? We spend most of out father son bonding time exploring on the bike. The boy wants to go every day. I'll bet your son would like it too. VWW
How about a dyno run? I am curious about how much power the little tyke makes.

Nice writeup. I wich I had been successful talking my first time moto friend out of the ZX6R he bought and into a little bike. He hit a road hazard and crashed the Ninja. Had he been on the 250 dual sport I tried to sell him on, no crash would have ensued.
>>How about a dyno run?

Table at the end of the article.

15 HP @ 9000 RPM

8.6 Ft-Lbs @ 8500 RPM

Definitely need more articles like this. Just shows you how much fun you can have with 15HP! Any of you with dirt bikes know how much fun they are, now you can do it on the street! Great writeup.
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A french site I found (can't find it now), did some dyno tests on the 125-SM to test a pipe/carb kit for the bike. If I remember correctly rear-wheel power was 14.2 HP @ 9200 and 8.2 ft/lb at 8500, after pipe and carb it was 15.8 HP @ 10000 and 9.5 lb/ft at 8600. Yeehaa!
oh yeah, another thing; the aftermarket parts availability in the US is unspectacular, but if you don't mind dealing with $-to-Euro exchange rates and international shipping, check out more kit than you know what to do with!
It appears that there is a race series for these over there. "Youngster Cup" anyone?
Re: Sad foot-note to this tale...

It includes all fresh fruit.
yep, pretty popular in Germany. Single make (MZ 125-SM) with srtict tuning rules, kinda like IROC for the two-wheeled 12-15 year-old crowd. They run on dirt/pavement combo tracks just like the real supermoto races do.
Re: Sad foot-note to this tale...

raises hand:

but what if he's got a gun?
Re: Sad foot-note to this tale...

Bend-over and prepare to be treated like a turkey.

Then hand him your wallet.
Finaly, another great article on the fun of riding a small bike! Going fast on a small bike, for me, is a lot more fun than going slow on a big bike. I have spent most of my riding on small bikes (Honda VT250, Bultaco Metralla Mark 2, Aprilia 250, etc., various small older Hondas, etc.) and have found that with a curvy road, they are as quick (nor fast) as the big bikes. I find the Motogp 125 class to be the most exciting (five guys going for first place on the last lap, at cornering speeds higher than the premier class). Thanks for the great review!
Actually, Cascade Moto sells MZs too ( They're in Portland. Great dealer too!
Yes my son is 7 and we ride on the Geezer Glide occasionally.

I wouldn't subject anyone to the rear of the Brutale although my girlfriend has been eyeing it lately.
I was just in University Honda in Seattle, they are an MZ dealer now. They have two of this exact bike in stock. Pretty nice looking in person. It's the shop on Capital Hill (relocated from U-District).

Gee, a 300 lb. 125 4 striker. What won't they think of next?

Makes me want to go home and hacksaw a cylinder off my CL350.
Now, now, don't be a killjoy. I know which bike I'd rather ride as far as suspension goes. Besides, are you certain that the CG on your twin wasn't located about a foot higher in relation to the axle centerline?

Any idea what the RPMs are when it's topped out on the freeway?

BTW, sorry to here about your accident.
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