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MZ Website?

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It went away sometime in the beginning of the second quarter, right around the time I became interested after reading about them in a Mo article. First.
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They had a web site? I guess I can't check it out now!
The distributor either went under, lost the rights to distribute or found the business not worthwhile. You can still get the bikes if you dig hard enough, but until a new distributor gets lined up, you'll have a tough time.

Their German website ( has an English translation if you want to see the bikes.
Note: the main German site also lists the distributor for the states as the same company that ran Perhaps they are still doing the distribution, but gave up on the website. Give them a call and see.
I'm not completely sure, but I think MZ went under. did a test of the Baghira a few months ago and as an endnote to the story said something about the major shareholding company dumping MZ or something. At any rate, I don't think MZ is operating right now. But I could be wrong. The details were few and I've heard or read nothing else about MZ since.
My local Salvation Army has new MZ tee shirts for a buck!
MZ pulled out of the US market. They still sell on Europe and Asia but not in the.

Pity too, their 1000S is a sweet bike.
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