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Name of that Bar?

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Not "CHEERS" nor
"Coyote Ugly-Nashville."

I mean the various kinds of bars that are found on a motorcycle. Up until a few days ago I only knew of one bar called the handlebar. (actually I always said plural -handlebars- but really it's a one-piece tube, isn't it?)

So I was looking at ads for motorcycles recently and people talk about all sorts of bars that I wasn't familiar with. I found out the drag bars are just a type of handlebar that are bent back to point at your hips. Ape bars or ape-hanger bars are handlebars raised high.

What about sissy bars? Is that term only used for a backrest support that is behind the passenger's seat?

Is a tubular metal famed backrest for the rider up front ever called a sissy bar?

Then, I see a bunch of metal exoskeletons around an engine or directly in front of the engine --they look like they would prevent the motorcycle from crushing your leg if it fell on the side (low side crash). Some of these are marketed as crash bars, but others that look similar are called highway bars, snd I've even seen the term "engine cage."
Are those 3 terms interchangeable?

Finally, is there a special term for a set of bars that you would mount on your bike's frame just to give you a place to put some floorboards or extra-forward foot pegs?
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