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the idiots at took a cheap old pair of Nankai form 1996 and f'ed up the reputaion! Such morons they are, but no surprise there, look at their test crew, retards ...

Not to mention they are all on payroll by the big guys... and the incentives, free gifts, etc...

Hi end nankai gloves are top notch actualy and fit amzingly well, unless Spencer and rainey, etc... were all as stupid as crew... ! I doubt that.

I have tried every glove including Held, which i thought was the best untill i crashed with them because the palm tended to roll on the grip and stick like glue! To make it worst there is no feel at all, its too damn thick.

Thats why hi end racers do NOT use them, NO FEEL whatsoever, NONE ..!
Its like wearing a fat condom and pretending the sex is good because you are protected ...

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