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National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety

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Well it's about time for a comprehesive study on the of our groups shortcomings. The Hurt report's age makes it difficult to cite and still believe any accuracy can be found therin.
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It's hard to trust Mr Safety, but we ought to be hopeful that an honest dialog with our concerns being voiced by the AMA and MSF can only help our cause. It sounds like at the very least the government is willing to recognize the Motorcycle Industry as a legitimate concern. That's definitely a breath of fresh air! Maybe as a group we should stifle our suspicions and criticisms long enough to see if Big Brother might actually begin to treat us like the mature, responsible adults we purport to be. The whole deal sounds like good news to me!
I've read a lot of negative comments here, but I'm optimistic about this study. Anything that leads to better motorist awareness and safer road design (i.e. no more gravel shoulders!!) would be welcome.

I'm also in strong favor of better rider training and safety awareness. Almost everyone has seen an inexperienced or irresponsible rider make a bad name for all of us, and I'll do anything I can to help educate those people.
Uh, did you read that here on MO? That story about the Tennessee law was a hoax, and many asked MO to remove it, but I guess they like the extra hits on the web site.
You sound a whole lot like someone I know.

Ice Worm
Bravo. You're exactly right. I resent that *MY* money is being wasted on this crap.

Not that anybody ever seems to care about this, but there is *NO* authorization under the constitution for the federal government to be involved in, or spend one red cent on motorcycle safety.
I wouldn't go so far as to say that insurance companies are stealing your money. You have a choice about which insurance company to use. The real thieves are government beauracrats. The government is holding a gun to your head and saying "pay your taxes." No insurance company will ever do that.

"The moral test of any law is whether it allows government to do what would be considered a crime for the ordinary citizen."
Frankly, I could care less about whatever "bad name" I might have as a result of other stupid motorcyclists. It doesn't affect me. The only thing that affects me is the government trampling all over my rights, and having a "bad name" is no justification for them to do that.
No mone has said why we need to spend millions of dollars on this study. What are the goals? What do "they" intend to do with information from the study? Let's not just do this because it's nice to say we did.
Not likely. Anyway with aircraft its not like you can pull it over by the next cloud over there while you sort things out. Believe it or not an interstate highway is one of the SAFEST places you can put a light aircraft down if no runway is available. Trying to land on soft ground would flip a lot of aircraft over on their backs, if it didnt collapse the front wheel and wreck the engine and propeller...
Chief Justice Froman's Supreme Court

Would be known as the one with the lightest work load ever. Under Abe's tenure, the Federal Government would have no power at all, other than defense and a few other things.

Luckily for us, most Supreme Court Justices have decided that the commerce clause of Article II does indeed allow the Feds to have a say in safety of vehicle occupants on federally-funded roadways, including motorcycles.

I think you need to buy an island in the south pacific and start your own county, Abe. I think you'd be much happier there.
"Government People"

I think you need to READ the report and see who those "government people" actually are. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Get the facts before you jump to conclusions.
Reading is Fundamental

Like I said to the guy above, you should go and read the report. What they want to do is encourage and promote motorcycling and motorcycle safety, and I can't imagine a better use of my tax dollars.

If the research and education programs save 1,000 lives, would that be worth the expenditure? 100? 50? What's the value of a human life?

I like it when people whine about the government spending money, when most americans benefit from billions and billions of dollars of welfare euphamistically called the "mortgage interest deduction." Quit complaining and enjoy the welfare state.
Before went belly up in the water, there was an interesting interview with Harry Hurt on the site. Harry's three most important pieces of advice for riders wanting to stay out of trouble were:

1) Use the front brake.

2) Use the front brake.

3) Use the front brake.

Apparently, there are still a lot of riders out there who are afraid of their front brakes. I guess they're afraid that their 700 pound Road Stars will flip over and drive them into the ground like a tent stake if they touch the lever.

Rider education and training should obviously be the number one priority.
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Re: Reading is Fundamental

What are you, some kind of commie socialist Gore voter? Not taking taxes from people is not "welfare."
You should care, because the car driver that irresponsible person just pissed off is likely to act aggressively towards motorcyclists from then on. That includes you and me. I know this because I actually disliked motorcyclists before I became one. I realize now that it was exactly what I described that had happened to me - some irresponsible riders gave everyone a bad reputation in my mind. Of course, I'm reformed and repentant now...
Re: Reading is Fundamental

OK, so you make $60,000 a year and own a house. You write off $15,000 since you are paying mostly interest. That means you report $45,000 in earnings, and pay what, $8,000?

Now say I make $60,000 a year and rent. Because I am a stupid, bad and worthless person who can't afford to spend $500,000 for a 2 bedroom house where I live, I pay taxes on my full income, or almost $11,000. Frigging Pete Wilson killed our measly $76 renter's tax credit in California- how fair is that?

The way I see it, you get $3,000 a year in welfare at my expense. Ironically, the fancier, more valuable house you have, the more welfare you get. A single mother with two kids reciceving CALWOKS gets less than $4500 a year.

Tax credits or breaks are the same for the government as actually handing out cash. What's the difference between collecting $100 and giving out 20 or just collecting $80? At least when the government collects $100, they can keep some interest.

I love accusing middle class people of accepting welfare, because they hate the suggestion. American men are so vain- they like to believe that they have everything they have on their own merits- as if they didn't benefit from public education, stable courts, law enforcement, public roads, tax breaks, etc.

If the mortgage interest deduction was ever repealed, the government would get a trillion dollar windfall that they could use on schools, healthcare, infrastructure, or, horror of horrors, a tax break for low-income workers.
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Where Abe lives

It all makes sense when you realize that Abe Froman is a complex computer program that is cleverly designed to spout out John Birch Society gibberish when the program reads certain key phrases.

If anyone says "government", the program squacks, "Government bad! Free market good!". If anybody says "Clinton" or "Gore", the program rattles off phrases like, "restore dignity to the White House" or "Chinese Spies!"

Once you realize this, you will see that it is pointless to argue.
Income taxes are Fundamental

I'm not going to argue about the legality of income taxes, although I will remind you that there IS a constitutional amendment (ratified by the states) that allows them.

Anyway, whether you call it welfare or just a nudge and a wink from Uncle Sam, you recieve a tax subsidy at the expense of renters, like it or not.

Even if you did call it welfare, I'll bet you'd still take the deduction!

Ha, ha! Welfare, welfare, welfare!
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