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Hi Gabe,

I am not Italian but I have been there many times. Enjoy your time over there. I believe that Italians are great people: They love life and beauty and it is so much fun to interact with them. The traffic in the middle of summer in Rome is really nothing enjoyable: It's all heat and madness. I had to drive to the center of Rome a few years ago and there is a picture that stays in my mind :I was the first bike, stopped at an intersection and very soon , I was surrounded by four cars in what was supposed to be a two lanes street. Then a couple of scooters squeezed in, 2 or 3 bicycles, and a couple of pedestrians. When I looked across the intersection, I saw a similar line up on the opposite side. Behind me, my son, who was 6 at the time, shouted :" Dad, this is the grand finale, you must go for it!. "

That's why even the Pope gets out of there in the summer.

Instead, ask Yossef to hook you up for a ride in Tuscany, the Dolomites or the surroundings of Rome and you will appreciate that much more.
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