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Roman Holiday

Ah, renting a scooter in Rome - truly one of the highlights of my motorcycling career. After a day of footing it, I trade my tennies for a rental Hyosoung 125 and suddenly we’re Peck and Hepburn loose in the eternal city. With wifey navigating (laminated flip map), it’s literally five minutes site to site. The efficiency is a total rush; think about a destination and BOOM, you’re there.

The Game:

Filter to the Front – betwixt car, curb, sidewalk, whatever …. Get to the front and drop the hammer on Green (Scooter GP)

Ride the Centerline – Hey there’s 3 useful feet between lanes – uh oh, now I’m playing chicken with another scoot going the other direction!

Park Wherever - alley, sidewalk, café, etc. – fuggetaboutit, it’s a rental

Piazzas – Most are paved, but pedestrian only – rental stickers on your scoot and helmets provide apologies to the locals.

Roundabouts – Glorious, but disorienting after a couple trips around (posing for photos)

Overall – If you start slow, play it safe, and make an effort to decipher the signage I’ll guarantee you some great stories - (we ended up in the middle of parade).
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