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Need Advice

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1: Yamaha FZ6 = Buzzy

2: Suzuki SV650S = Clip ons

3: Ducati 620 Dark = least power of the 4

4: Kawasaki Ninja 650R = 620 without the sound and with body work.

What about a yzf600r?

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Sounds like a pretty good selection for a Shootout...MO should be able to get the 4 bikes and riders if you include Buz...Good post hutch312
FZ6: All the gutlessness of a sportbike with all the breathlessness of a standard. (No low end, and the top end got killed)

SV650S: Best all-round engine, best sportbike in the package. But uncomfortable after an hour.

Ducati: Think SV but higher price and italian looks.

Ninja 650: Probably the best for all day comfort.

However, check out the VStrom 650.

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Just going by your list I would say the Kawasaki Ninja 650R.
The Kawi is a solid chioce for a commuter. The SV probably has a little more user friendly powerband than the Kawi. The FZ6 spins up fast and has a weaker powerband than the first two. The Ducati (while very cool) is most likely going to be the biggest disapointment of the bunch if you use it for any distance commuting. Also, check out the Honda 599. Solid mount- won't disappoint.

Personally, I'd go SV but probably go SV1000 in my selection. Won't kill the wallet;-)
Save a few bucks. Buy the standard SV650 and put on an accessory quarter fairing. You get similar looks with regualar adjustable handlebars.
If I had a ZR7 and liked it enough to want something similar in my next bike, I don't think I'd buy anything on that list.

The FZ6 is probably closest to what you already have, but it's not as strong off the bottom and has to be revved to over 9k rpm before it makes any more power than your ZR.

The SV is probably closest to what I'd buy myself, but compared to your ZR it'll handle better and sound better at the expense of upright seating and long range comfort.

The Ducati is the coolest of the bunch, but I just don't think I could bring myself to buy a budget Ducati.

The 650R is a twin that gets you closer to what you want, but I don't see where it beats your ZR7 at anything other than being a little more unique.
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I'd get the DL650 VStrom.

The FZ6 has little torque and is really buzzy in the high rpm range.
suzuki v-strom.

i just bought a '06 1000, new, for a song. and i couldn't be happier. it's fast, comfortable, handles, tours, commutes, carves ... does everything i want, plus it's stone-reliable. plus there are lots of things you can do to it to customize to your preferences.

you really can't go wrong. get the 650 if you want a bike that size.
From those choices, I'd get the 650R. Otherwise, I'd get the standard SV. I had a chance to sit on a 650R (no ride though) and it looked to be pretty well put together. Nothing really cheap about it. Further expanding the list, I like the ride of the weeStrom. While not on your list, it is a better all-rounder than those other bikes. Ugly bastard, especially from the saddle. If your eyes like it, you might best take a peek at it before you decide to get one of the others.
Why not get an 05 or 06 Z750S? Similar layout to the FZ6, but the slightly bigger motor makes useful torque.
Gasp! Shock! Swoon! Do I detect faint hints that the SV650 might be losing its previously unassailable number one place in the hearts of the regular MOtisti? How fickle of you all...
of those choices i'd buy the sv. the fz should be the one but it needs some fi work and a retune. the duc is just not enough bike. the kwak would be a good choice to. i also agree that the best bike for what you want to do is probably the dl650. but not if you want a bike with a seventeen inch front. the sv needs suspension work but once that is done its a great bike
Kawi ZR7, ZR7s

Brother bought an 01 for $3.5k and compared to my FZ1 it's a couch. Not as quick but it handles well and has enough snort to pass anything under 80 mph with confidence.

It also has hard luggage receivers for the long rides. I'm 6'5" 350 and can ride the thing for hours. If there is one bike I had to fight traffic with it would be a fight for the ZR7 or my KLR650.
I had no idea the FZ6 was such a sack-less beast and I guess I already knew the 620 dark was the sack-less member of the Ducati family. I will definitely look more into the SV, Strom & the Ninja. How about the ZZR600 (maybe a little too much plastic to insure)? Not to monkey around too much, but why does Europe seem to have a much better selection of Mid-size, Commuter friendly bikes?
I'd do the 650R.

Or a Sporty.
I ride my sv650s as a commuter bike and a weekend tourer, and I love it. I'm 6'3", the ergonomics make it uncomfortable after about 2 hours of freeway riding, but if I'm just riding around town I can ride all day and I'm comfortable. Freeway riding sucks anyway. It's got great torque, it's a very fun bike. If you're worried about the seating position take Seruzawa's advice and buy the regular sv650.

The FZ6 you should steer clear of, the motor sucks, I rode one and I was happy to get back on my own bike after an hour.

The ducati is by far the coolest, but not necessarily the best in all-round usage. Not as powerful as the sv650, and a little more uncomfortable. But maybe that's a worthwhile sacrifice.

The ninja650r is just dorky. Sorry to all you ninja650r owners out there, it's just my opinion.
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If you're not too heavy and you don't plan to race it the sv's suspension is just fine.
I think there are a few new, leftover 2005 FZ1s out there, probably around that price range. Probably a few ZRX 1200s in odd colors, too. Class dismissed.
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