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Need Help: 93 VFR 750 or 87 VFR 700?

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Hello everyone,
I am kind of in a pickle here between the two bikes. The 93 VFR 750 has 50K miles on it while the 87 VFR 700 has 14K. I am new to both bikes so I dont know a lot about them except that the 750 has more power.

The price of each is 2800... which adds to the problem.

Any information will be very greatful!
Thank you,
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How much should I offer for these bikes? Ive looked for triumph and nothing comes up in my area..
NADA online doesn't go that far back. suggests:

1987 VFR700F2

$1840 retail, $1210 trade-in.

1993 VFR750F

$3080 retail, $2090 trade-in.

This is for bikes in "Good" condition - worth probably half that or less in non-running/marginally-running condition.

Quotes worth precisely what you paid for them.
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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