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My cousin just called. He purchased a 2003 Softtail in the
U.S. and had it shipped to Italy. Now it appears he cannot register the motorcycle because it does not meet Europe 2005 emissions requirements, among other issues (turn signals, and other small European requirements, all of which can be corrected, but for the emissions.

I spoke with the customer service department at Harley Davidson and they explained that they do not get involved in the importation of used motorcycles into Europe,and issues of compliance with european emissions standards is primarily the responsibility of the importer.

Obviously the shipper did not do his homework, and we are now stuck with a non-comforming motorcycle in Europe.

Are there retrofit kits available, or any other options available so that my cousin can register his bike and use it. Any help is truly appreciated. Thanks.


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Tell them they are nutz, since the bike met 2003 EEU emissions standards when it was manufactured.

You can contact any HD dealer in Eurip for lighting, speedo in KMPH, etc. Also, they might have a new ECM & throttle body that will make the bike 2005 compliant. Big $$$ (euros?) though...

Or you can "make them an offer they can't refuse" and buy a Ducati.
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