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im looking to buy a used motorcycle ... the on i wanna get is a 2000 Kawasaki ZX6R but it has 20K miles and i dont know if she got the 20K miles check up .....

is 20K miles good for a 2000 used motorcycle ?

how much will the 20K mile check up cost me ???

TNX !!!!!!!
My '07 is approaching 20k miles and it looks and runs like brand new. I have it towed in to the shop if the oil change interval arrives while I'm riding (just kidding, but I am a maintenance freak). My neighbor has an '08 cruiser that looks and runs like a turd with only 8k miles. I don't think he's even changed the oil yet, he leaves it out in the rain and then covers it when it's nice and wet. So, it's a matter of the previous owner, but generally speaking, 20k miles isn't that many.

The checkup will be around $500 if they make all the adjustments including the valves. If you're thinking of taking it to a shop anyway, why not have them go over it for you? If you like what they report, buy it and have the same shop do the maintenance while it's there.
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