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Never too old...

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Linky no worky...

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At her age I hope thhat she does not Goett alone !!

Gee gosh how wacky, an old person riding a motorcycle. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. It's so funny when old people do uncharacteristic things. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Doesn't sound unusual to me! Been to many a BMW Rally where the yougest rider is 16 and the oldest is in there upper 80's and even into their 90's....and they had to ride to the rallyto get the award...occasionally from half way acoss the country...and generally the last ones at the keg trying to get that last drop out (no I am not kidding). Hope to be one of them, in 40 or 50 years or so...
The last laugh belongs to us..

LOL mine too... me thinks we will have the last laugh....My Harley riding doctor says his unofficial survey says motorcycle riders are more healthy both physically and mentally.. He has a plaque in his office that says you never see a motorcycle parked outside a shrinks office....
me too. Love your web site great pictures. Full of good info of things to think about before going on al long trip...
Re: Always too old...

Why do all women use that terribly profane

"R" word.
Hell I learned to ride at 50+ and being 55 yrs old ,I,m thinking my nextbike will be the new daytona.
Lets face it that if over 90% of us mofos make it 90 we should be able to change our own diaper let alone ride a motorcycle
I just got a new daytona. I'm 65, 66 in two weeks. Started street riding in '99. It's a hoot! The daytona, that is.
Re: Always too old...

I'd ask mine, but she just went out riding on her way to her yoga class while I'm stuck finishing up a deadline.

When she gets back from her ride I'll ask if she agrees with your wife...
Re: Always too old...

LOL You obviously had a prebride checklist going didn't you. i..e Does she ride? Does she ***** about your riding? You are a lucky/smart man...

Instead of just tossing in a link to a stupid fluff article like this, why not write about a REAL motorcyclist who is still riding, and riding, and riding, at an advanced age?

Ardys Kellerman has completed the Iron Butt Rally four times, and in each of those she had to ride 1,000 miles a day for 11 days in a row. She has also covered the lower 48 states and Alaska in a 10-day ride.

And Ardys Kellerman is 71 years old and a great-grandmother. She's the real deal, not some novelty. She's been riding for 35 years and is on her eighth motorcycle.

Hey Ashley, how about an article about a WOMAN motorcyclist for a change?
Re: Always too old...

...especially too old to be involved with someone who thinks you're too old to be riding a motorcycle.
Dear Ashley, if you're still reading this far down.

Don't pay attention to these goons. I was at a MSF BRC training class last month and about 25% of the class were women. In the 12-member range class the following day there were four women or should have been. One didn't show up because she was afraid to do the actual riding of the motorcycle. She showed up for the classroom instruction all three days. One dropped her bike and immediately quit. The other two passed the course. Not a good showing by the female contingent and these women were less than 40 years old.

If there was a motorcycle riding class held only for 91-year-old females guess how many would even be able to show up!!
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