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New 1098 S Tricolore Makes N.A. Debut at Long Beach, CA IMS.

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Lord, have mercy.
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You know, squid, it's one o'clock in the morning. I know I need to get a life. How about you?
It's 4:30 am here. Waiting for the snow plows...Guess I should have brought the bike in last week.
How about a tricolor Ural with 500 extra watts for electric clothes? Ok I'll stop now, gotta go to work.
Igor.. I mean, Yossef was at the Kyalami test, right?
I tell you what. If I've got 25K to blow on a bike it's going on one of these looooonnng before it's ever going to go on some cheapshyt Rune or chopper or Big Dog or any other pissant "custom".
I really hope the 1098 isn't roomier than the 999. I want one and don't know why.

It's not the tool. It's not the tool. It's not the tool.
If that ain't the purtiest Duc I never did see! Cute little vertical gas tank stripe thingie too. But, if I'm spending large, make mine the beeeyouty-full black & whte MV F4.
Gee and I had you figured for a Rune guy.
Speaking of tools. I'm off to FL so fling a few insults for me while I'm gone.
The MV is smokin and you can get one today for the low, low price of $2%((%>)). No, really- The Ducs are going to fly out of this shop. Ha- I made a funny. We've already pre-sold 15 and most are S models- which suprises me as the base is a seal.
I was thinking about spending close to that on a K 1200 GT untill I looked at the new Bandito Grande`. I guess if you have to have the dopest looking Ducati around $25 K is par for the course.

Ditto on the Big Dogpile or any other "custom"..
"Your father was a hamster and your mother smelled of elderberries, you animal food trough water, I fart in your general direction, you tiny brained wiper of other peoples go away or I shall taunt you again" !!!!
FL=Old ladies. Were you in the movie "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels?"
Damn. For that money you could get a ZX-6R, a Buell XB12R, a gym membership, a couple weekends at racing school and lots of track days.

You wouldn't, but you could.
a 2001 zx6R even, and a firefighter hat
Well, actually if I had 25K to blow on bikes I'd end up with about 6 bikes.

Does the 1250 Bandit look as good live as in the pictures? I might just find room for one in my stable... put the "G" out to pasture so to speak. Big torquey 4s make me smile.
Actually you can get a better idea of his technique by watching "The Producers".
It looks better! all the little uglies are gone from the old version. The trim looks good, no faux-chrome behind the carbs. The ABS version is $8200 which I think would be good for here, the non-abs is in the 7's, I can't remember exactly but it'll be my next bike I believe.

Suzuki builds a good 4 cylinder, always has. I think this and my Bonnie will really cover the bases for me.

1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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