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New 1098 S Tricolore Makes N.A. Debut at Long Beach, CA IMS.

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Lord, have mercy.
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Did anyone notice? The GMP is right again

That the 999 is off of the Ducati 2007 website i.e. it's discontinued?.

[*]kpaul, the one and only Great Motorcycle Prophet (GMP) correctly predicted that the 999 would have a short sales life due to its terrible styling. [*]kpaul predicted this shortly after the 999 made its debut..[*]kpaul also predicted that the replacement for the 999, the 1098 , would be more similar to the successful and sexy 916.
Re: Did anyone notice? The GMP is right again

Does your crystal ball show you posting something annoying tomorrow?
Re: Did anyone notice? The GMP is right again

I have to keep up my blog
Re: Did anyone notice? The GMP is right again

Hey Buster, hope your hand didn't cramp up writing "test".

You might want to hit the gym before you ramp up to write another lengthy entry.

So, are you still training for July?
Re: Did anyone notice? The GMP is right again

Yes the blog wasn't quite to what I was expecting.
Training Plan.

MO is my blog.. ;) Just kidding I had to work today.. So much for working 4-10 hour days and taking friday off. My plan is to workout 4 days a week M-Th and ride my 50 mile "course" for time each day on Friday, sat, sun. Poor longride. I bet he will only get to look at his Busa sitting in the garage until March..
Re: Training Plan.

Are you going to do the 50 miles all at once, or are you gonna pace yourself and break it into more manageable rides?
Re: Training Plan.

That's a great post. LOL! Good use of fact/data.

Do you have the IBA phone number?
oh great oracle

Tell me this. Will Ducati build a 749,759, or 798 based on the 1098? If so, when will it come out? Will it finally be able to outperform or at least match Japanese middle weight sport bikes, like Triumph has finally been able to do? Will a Britney/Paris sex video hit the net soon? Well?
Re: oh great oracle

They will build an 848 ;) soon.. yes, Britney & Paris with Justin Timberlake in a ménage à trois.
Re: oh great oracle

Well, someone will need to bring a strap-on for that three way clam bake...
I just saw the 1250 in person, and I'd have to say it's totally hot. Well, okay, maybe not the best-looking bike in the world, but looking at it while mentally super-imposing the MSRP over it ...
Re: oh great oracle

Good catch.
Re: Training Plan.

Did anybody else have ".....A Three-hour Tour....." going through their heads reading those last few posts?
I ain't no oracle, but

If they do build a middleweight based on the "ten nine eight," I bet they stay with the theme and call it the "seven six five" regardless of actual displacement.
Isn't Florida where old people go to be with their parent's?
Re: Training Plan.

Maybe there's an island at the end of this story.
21 - 38 of 38 Posts
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