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On my first motorcycle ride through Canada, the C&I man on the Canadian side kept repeatedly questioning me about where I was going and whether I had any weapons, etc. Pretty obvoiouly, he didn't comprehend the facts that I was 67 years old, had a full face helmet, and was riding a BMW R1100GS, any one of which should have demonstrated that I wasn't one of THEM. A bit to my surprise, he ultimately waved me through; I fully expected a thorough search of my person and my motorcycle.

But, I will have to admit that when I picked up a newspaper in Thunder Bay the next morning, and saw articles about motorcycle gang warfare (presumably Bandidos vs. Hell's Angels), I could sort of undrstand the reluctance to let anyone on 2 wheels into Canada.

Could very well have been that even though he obviously didn't know a thing about motorcycles, I looked too old to be a participant in gang warfare.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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