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New Boots

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Well I completed my Aerostitch ensamble` last week with a pair of Combat Touring Boots or, CBT's as us 'stitch guys call 'em...Not them Nancy-boy Combat Lites either, these are the totally cool 14 inchers !

First impressions after wearing them on the bike to commute and all day at work for a week including two 16 hour days was..............................................

F****n' A these things are great! workmanship, fit and finish and ease of getting them on and off are first class all the way, real quality boots. The last pair I had were SIDI On-Road Sympateks which lasted 6 years under pretty much the same conditions. These are made for Aerostitch by SIDI and should last way longer than that, plus they are re-soleable (?) which the On-Roads were not.

The inner lacing on these are permanantly laced with a sliding toggle that you use to tighten them up, then snap over a plastic and metal buckle, two hook and loop straps and off you go, takes less than a minute to pop them on and off. The outer leather is thick and appears to be good quality as does the inner liner, the bottom is padded well enough but I would have prefered a little more heel cushion if you're going to be walking or standing much.

Overall they are very stout, well made boots that should last as long as you want to wear them. Like any heavy duty boot, they take some breaking in. If you're used to wearing tennies or thin boots these will feel like planks but they loosen up with use and a little Hubbards Boot Grease, I just adjusted my shift lever up a little to accomodate them being not as flexible as the ON-Roads.

I haven't tried them in real rain yet though it sprinkled a little this morning and they were fine as would be expected. As you can tell I'm pretty happy and impressed with these, they're not as well armored as pure sport riding or racing boots but are much more practical for everyday riding or commuting, and they go on and off quickly enough that if they were impracticle to wear at work changing into something else would be a non-issue.

Excellent boots and worth the money IMO.
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Didn't SIDI make Full Bores too? Great boots, yours even linda look like Full Bores. Yikes, expensive though..

My Full Bores are still going strong btw, and I got 'em when I was 17.
17 EH? and you're how old now? 50? ;-)
17 EH? and you're how old now? 50? ;-)
I'm 48, and yes, the Full Bores were still going the last time I wore them ('05 Adelanto GP).

Took fastidious care of them, cleaned them with saddle soap, neats foot oil, shoe polish, a trip to the shoe repair guy in Eagle Rock every now and then, when something got torn or worn out (like the straps).

People were amazed, I was on top of crash hill at El Mirage a few months ago, and some kid pointed out my boots to his dad "Look Dad, Full Bores!"

Ledgendary stuff.

No, these weren't cheap but you get what you pay for kna' mean? SIDI did make Full Bores, I had the first ones with buckles and red white and blue stripes not the metal clasp ones. I was always jealous of my dad because he had Hi-Points made by Alpinestars with the metal plate, I though those looked pretty cool.

What I REALLY wanted was blue Torsten Hallman leathers with a yellow stripe and plastic knee cup Like Roger DeCoster and Joel Robert wore in the Trans-Am Races, I had black ones with a yellow stripe.

My dad gave all that stuff to the club when he quit racing, shoulder pads, T.H. Chest protector, original white Joffa's...all that stuff. I gave my red with white sleeve and red stripe YAMAHA jersy to my step son, he wore it till it about rotted off him LOL
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Like deez boots homeboy?

Looks like SIDI had some Full Bore parts laying around the shop when they made the Combat Tours...


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Those are vs 2.0 homes, the originals had buckles. google Full Bores and there's a tatty pair at the bottom, (pr'oly mine)

According to Aerostitchs blurb these are patterend after SIDI's MX boots, so pretty much Full Bores........

That's what the look and feel is, old Moto Crossers, they feel stiff and you don't get alot of movement but you know they'll take a hit.. I actually wish they went up higher, I've got a hole in my shin where I caught a desert peg between the top of my boots and the bottom of my knee pads at Puyallup Raceway Park in '70 something. Hurt like a b*tch and the leather was actually pushed in the hole. I endo'd of a jump and the bike came down on my leg, lucky I didn't break anything
Check These Out!

I may have to make some control adjustments...


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Those look a lot like my Thors. Though I'm sure they are better quality.
I'm an addict...

I can't seem to wean myself off of my Gore Tex/Shelt Tex habit. Looking forward to your first "rain report".
I'm really happy with my Chippewas Chippewa Boots: Boot Collection: Boot Finder

...for warm weather riding. They're reasonably good in the rain as well but I've had my eye on the combat tourers for colder weather.
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