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New Ducati 1098 V-Twin Spy Photos and Video.

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Mmmmm tasty! Shame it's a useless outmoded twin though right? I'm sure every squid who mounts it will be able to ride to 99% of it's capability since it's not a 4.

P.S. I want one NOW!
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How fitting, referendum on Terblanche, W, Rumsfeld and the whole smug ridiculous lot of self-righteous boneheads. Yessss...

actually I didn't think the 999 was so bad, but...
November's TWO had an artist sketch that was very similar to MCN's images.

As far as my own opinion goes, it does nothing for me visually. The headlights look (dare I say it) Buell, the tail seems more tame than the 999's, which I actually think kicked a$$.

Ducati should have just introduced a V-4 800 with bodwork totally different from the 916 and 999. You can't create the same passion and beauty of the 916 by creating a bad copy of it.

I say offer Tamburini whatever he wants to lure him away from Cagiva. That's what they're after anyway.
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It's all part of the master plan to get a right winger as president in '08. Dems control both chambers with Pelosi as speaker pretty much kills Hils chances in '08.

Big Oil! orchestrated the whole thing.
Don't worry man, things will be lots better now! Bahahahahahahahahahaha!
True, it's hard to think how Dems could possibly make the good old USA—and the world—any better than it has been under W and gang, but they will have to try... It won't be easy now that great geniuses such as Rumsfeld are stepping down, but...
We'll sell 'em left and right. Now, if Ducati would pump the 749 up to 888 they may sell those, as well. But those Italian probably aren't smart enough for that, huh?

BTW, Who's excited about Ferracci running a AMA Superbike MV F4-1000r? Wish Hodgeson would pilot it for the team........

For those that don't know- Ferracci said that he's already got 20% more power out of the motor and the "real tuning" hasn't even happened yet. Oh, the 20% = about 215 crank HP. It's going to be exciting to watch.
All I have to know is that Syria, France, Argentina and Pakistan are ecstatic. You will again find out why inaction hurts a lot worse than action. It took 12 years for people to forget that. It probably will only take them about 2 to remember. Everybody that never did anything is a genius in your mind. Go ask Barack Obama, the Black Jimmy Carter. He's done so little that he's the Dems choice for Prez. Ain't that classic?
swingarm aside, i think it looks like a 675...
Too easy. Headlights look like a CBR to me. Wind tunnel desigh at its best.
YOU slay me, LR. Say how old are you? Why aren't you over there supporting the troops by being one? I think they will take you up to 37 now am i right?
I was very vocal in my criticism of the 999, particularly the awkward profile and bumpy side fairings (and the weird 3rd eye).

But this bike has no visceral appeal. The smooth fairings are nice, but the headlights are a Japanese design.

At least the 999 was distinctive, and grew better with time. This bike will be forgotten.
Man, you are so full of beans. You are right tho...W did a lot. $300 billion worth of kneejerk (re) action that will take a big chunk of my kids income to repay...We need action on education, healthcare and a livable wage...not playing cowboys in the desert...
Jb...I agree with you...I was responding to the esteemed resident philosopher Longride.
I'm 49 JB. I wouldn't have any problem with military service. I was very close to joining Navy ROTC right out of HS. Wanted to fly jets. I chose to be a firefighter instead. It was one or the other. During Vietnam my brother joined the Army and served 2 tours with the 101st Airborne Div. in 67 and 68, which is why I also thought about military service. I spent 17 years putting my life on the line in public service. How about you?
Well, I guess we'll see your heros in action real soon. Come back next year and tell us all they get accomplished.
In the US and A, thanks to aging riders and dumb-ass speed limits, the plastic crotch rocket is dead. Hypermotard and stuff like that is the future, grasshoppah... KTM 950, stuff like that. I think...
I fought the Cold War for four years in US Army thanks. My brother is in Kansas City FD. What a great job and excellent pension, etc. Wonder how fire depts. would be if they went "free market"? Wait, are you in a UNION?! How commie!
Thought that there was only 1 GMP.

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