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New Ducati 1098 V-Twin Spy Photos and Video.

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Mmmmm tasty! Shame it's a useless outmoded twin though right? I'm sure every squid who mounts it will be able to ride to 99% of it's capability since it's not a 4.

P.S. I want one NOW!
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November's TWO had an artist sketch that was very similar to MCN's images.

As far as my own opinion goes, it does nothing for me visually. The headlights look (dare I say it) Buell, the tail seems more tame than the 999's, which I actually think kicked a$$.

Ducati should have just introduced a V-4 800 with bodwork totally different from the 916 and 999. You can't create the same passion and beauty of the 916 by creating a bad copy of it.

I say offer Tamburini whatever he wants to lure him away from Cagiva. That's what they're after anyway.
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1 - 1 of 95 Posts
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