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New Ducati 1098 V-Twin Spy Photos and Video.

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Mmmmm tasty! Shame it's a useless outmoded twin though right? I'm sure every squid who mounts it will be able to ride to 99% of it's capability since it's not a 4.

P.S. I want one NOW!
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Bluetiful day! President McCain 2008 The GMP predicts

Actually Buz brings up a good point. McCain is in perfect position to take the prize in 2008. So either way its a good thing. Getting the democrats in may stop W from messing things up even more. McCain has been critical of the war strategy all along. Him and Gen Powell said they needed more troops in the beginning. McCain said on TV last night that he has no confidence in Rummy. He also said that Republicans in the house were drunk with power and he was appalled by their fiscal irresponsibility.

McCain will beat Clinton or longride's buddy Barack Obama from Chicago. Too much baggage for Clinton too little experience for Obama.
kpaul's risky strategy to win the war in Iraq

First the war in Iraq was a mistake but we are in now we have to win. Maintaining the status quo i.e Bush's plan won't win the war.

The plan:

1. Double the troops, give the generals whatever they want.

2. Partition the country into 3 regions.

3. Rewrite the constitution to reflect this division.

4. Share the oil equally among the 3 regions.

5. Get UN forces it backfill after partitioning is done.

6. Bring troops home..

Deadline November 2008
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He forgot that in 1992 the Clinton mantra was "It's the economy stupid". In 2006 it became "It's the Iraq war stupid".
There is. Sport bikes will still be the young man's bike of choice as long as young men have too much testosterone.. Naked/Street-fighter bikes based on sport bikes and Sport Tourers will become the next gens cruiser no way are they going to ride Fat-boys, Sportsters, Geezer Glides..
Yep I thought I submitted that story but maybe not. I was too busy collecting bets from the election... :)

The MV is a pretty bike..
Bummer. I guess this means you can't practice for our big race on the road anymore... you poor bastard.. :) just kidding..
LOL that is why I tagged my comments on the end of the threads. no one can pin this diversion on me... I guess I like the looks of the motogp bike better than this bike. but I hated the 999. Even in the flesh I thought the front end was dorky.
Well they can't race it yet.. I am sure they will get WSB to make it legal though. AMA will say sure come on over.. Won't matter though Mladin, Spies, and Hayden will kick the obsolete twins butt. As will E Bostrom, Hacking, and R Hayden.
By the way God told me this years ago.. V-4 is God's preferred configuration. Narrow like a V-2 but capable of spinning fast...
Hey I resemble that remark..
Yep I posted this early yesterday I think, but MO staff was probably out testing bikes (scumbags)
I agree. I love the looks and sound. Especially when someone comes up behind me and passes me.. I try to keep up but... Love your web site nice photos..
Re: kpaul's risky strategy to win the war in Iraq

Actually we have a lot of leverage on fellow NATO member Turkey. Also a semi independent Kurdistan with a U.S. Air Base would be a powerful deterrent to our enemies. The Kurds were the few that welcomed liberation from Sadam. Turkey depends on the U.S. for arms and mini AWACS (Peace Eagle) etc.
Desmosedici RR has better styling.

I think Ducati probably took the safe way out on the styling. As many have said here damned if you damned if you don't. I actually like the Desmosedici RR better

Much different lies.. W lies and people die...One can argue that Bill's lie was none of our business. Republicans sure wasted a lot of money on Ken Star and the whole impeachment thing. That is one thing where I am different than most Repubs and especially W lovers like Rush, O'Rielly and you i.e I don't carry grudges. I doubt the Dems will either i.e they will not bring W up on charges and yes the could...
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