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New Ducati 1098 V-Twin Spy Photos and Video.

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Mmmmm tasty! Shame it's a useless outmoded twin though right? I'm sure every squid who mounts it will be able to ride to 99% of it's capability since it's not a 4.

P.S. I want one NOW!
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Ahh! the old "your opinion is irrelevent if you haven't worn a uniform" argument, truely a classic.
Union doesn't help much. You aren't allowed to strike, which is the only real way to get action. Get fired for that. So the unions only real support is money and lawyers, which help alot, but the advantage is always with the city. Free market works both ways man. I can't take my pension, or seniority from department to department. I start as a rookie at base pay if I switch department and lose both pension and seniority. I am retired from the FD, and believe me, it's MUCH easier to survive in the free market. I can tell my employer to go f$ck off if I don't like them, and get a better job and better pay with the experience I earned, which I have done twice. Can't do that with the FD. FD is a great job, but limiting in many ways. I know you were in the service JB. You are one of the guys that makes this country great.
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Wasn't my argument. I was responding to JB.
"the whole smug ridiculous lot of self-righteous boneheads."

Maybe you can help me out, Buz. Which politicians in Congress wouldn't be included in that comment?
Somehow I don't think that going from stupid to feckless is any improvement.
Listen, don't try being nice to me dammit. It's true, tho, if the Russkis had come across the border I would've put down my beer and ah, dunno? probly surrendered or whatever. Ah, those were the days when there was a front line and you knew who you were fur and agin, when a IED was a birth control device...
Cmon, we're going in a new direction. Haven't you heard that everything is going to be all right now? Ever hear the saying 'Same circus with different clowns'?? Kinda fits I think.
I personally like the 999. I thought the 916 series was just 'ok', and didn't even see why people were up in arms about the 999. It looked miles ahead of the 916, and looked like a purpose built race bike.

This new one is...well, eh. Doesn't do anything for me. Maybe have to see it in person.
I dunno. I find I ride more like a maniac on the naked style than I do on the sportbike style.

Not as fast but more wheelies for sure.
Absolutely. The poor are really going to loot... er I mean be benefitted now that the richest woman in Congress is going to be Speaker. Yep. Congress is going to pass laws that raise taxes on themselves. Yup.

We definitely live in an irony free country.
You are the one and only JB. You love shaking the tree and seeing what falls out. I'm just on the other side of the tree. Plus, I'm not much younger than you either JB. You just got better drugs there in Cali than we did here Chicago.
Really one of the nicest ones I ever met in DC was Rick Santorum. He and his wife are very Christian and did a lot (personally) for the poor. It's easy to spend other people's money.

Santorum even mentioned he and his wife would pray for his opponent every night.

The personification of evil I tells ya.
Bluetiful day! President McCain 2008 The GMP predicts

Actually Buz brings up a good point. McCain is in perfect position to take the prize in 2008. So either way its a good thing. Getting the democrats in may stop W from messing things up even more. McCain has been critical of the war strategy all along. Him and Gen Powell said they needed more troops in the beginning. McCain said on TV last night that he has no confidence in Rummy. He also said that Republicans in the house were drunk with power and he was appalled by their fiscal irresponsibility.

McCain will beat Clinton or longride's buddy Barack Obama from Chicago. Too much baggage for Clinton too little experience for Obama.
Me agree with JB and Buzmeister on this one. Nekkid and Big Trailie (with street skins) I find much easier to ride quicker. But then I'm not one of the sportbike chosen. Skill level and flexibility not good enough.
The 999 is Picasso to the 916's Raphael. Different strokes...
I just got 2 love notes from the same Illinois State Trooper last week. I guess lane splitting and speeding really are illegal here! He was one pissed off MF'er when he pulled me. I guess he didn't like my Hayabusa, or the way I was riding it.
i'd like to say thanks on behalf of europe to Bush for protecting us over here ....:)
kpaul's risky strategy to win the war in Iraq

First the war in Iraq was a mistake but we are in now we have to win. Maintaining the status quo i.e Bush's plan won't win the war.

The plan:

1. Double the troops, give the generals whatever they want.

2. Partition the country into 3 regions.

3. Rewrite the constitution to reflect this division.

4. Share the oil equally among the 3 regions.

5. Get UN forces it backfill after partitioning is done.

6. Bring troops home..

Deadline November 2008
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I have it on good authority that the MV Agusta Brutale 910 has a defect which makes it impossible to keep the front wheel on the ground.
True. For some unexplainable reason there's a little switch in the trottle that clicks on and up the wheel goes.
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