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New Ducati 1098 V-Twin Spy Photos and Video.

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Mmmmm tasty! Shame it's a useless outmoded twin though right? I'm sure every squid who mounts it will be able to ride to 99% of it's capability since it's not a 4.

P.S. I want one NOW!
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Compare it to the 916 tank. Overlay photos, look at them side by side, you'll see little difference.
By the way God told me this years ago.. V-4 is God's preferred configuration. Narrow like a V-2 but capable of spinning fast...
Hey I resemble that remark..
Your post is imminently going to get usurped by official details...
It's a legend for good reason.


916 Owner
Yep I posted this early yesterday I think, but MO staff was probably out testing bikes (scumbags)
I agree. I love the looks and sound. Especially when someone comes up behind me and passes me.. I try to keep up but... Love your web site nice photos..
Yeah, that's why Leiberman got his salad tossed by Ned Lamont, D-Kos.
Re: kpaul's risky strategy to win the war in Iraq

Holy crap. Except for #5 (the UN is worse than useless), I agree completely with kpaul. It's been my thinking all along.

Who are you and what have you done with kpaul?
Re: Gridlock!!! Yahoo!!!

Amen. No sackcloth and ashes here.
It looks like a 916 that got left on the dashboard on a hot day.
Re: kpaul's risky strategy to win the war in Iraq

Actually we have a lot of leverage on fellow NATO member Turkey. Also a semi independent Kurdistan with a U.S. Air Base would be a powerful deterrent to our enemies. The Kurds were the few that welcomed liberation from Sadam. Turkey depends on the U.S. for arms and mini AWACS (Peace Eagle) etc.
Yes, agreed. I fell in love with the original 916 way back in '94. But there is sort of an unattainable catch-22 standard set in the minds of a lot of people. If a new Ducati design resembles the 916, people will call it a lesser copy. If it doesn't look enough like the 916, then people say they should have made it look more like one. It's really a no-win situation for the designer.

My point is that maybe we should try to take the new bike on its own merits while we continue to appreciate the original. It's not a mutually exclusive perspective.
Re BTW. That would be me. Just thinking about "factory" MV Augusta's racing revs me up. Hope they can get them up to speed. Still a few Good Racers out there without contracts last I heard... AMA Superbike 07 is looking better all the time. Hope Ducati at least does Daytona, they're always fast there (Come on! Troy!).
Re: kpaul's risky strategy to win the war in Iraq

This is all fantasy. What's going to happen is that the demos are going to cut off funding and leave the Iraqis in the lurch, just like they did in '75.
Desmosedici RR has better styling.

I think Ducati probably took the safe way out on the styling. As many have said here damned if you damned if you don't. I actually like the Desmosedici RR better
Not in AMA Superbike next year, Ducati Corse won't be here.

Yep, that "obsolete twins butt" is goin down for for sure, next year, Yep, for sure, Troy is shakin' in his boots.

Engine configuration don't matter as long as they stay with the dry clutch!

I don't care what the new Duc looks like, their looks always seem to improve, like a fine wine, over time. I just wanna ride one!
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Ok. I'll buy that but, ... then what does that make the 1098? bad Norman Rockwell prints?
Hmm. So, Kawasaki and Triumph have a joint design studio?

This had to have come from the same guys that penned the 675 and the zx10.

...and then ducati painted in red and said behold the new bold different styling.
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