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New Ducati Monster Headed for US?

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The Triumph Speed Triple has always been my favorite naked motorcycle, but this new Monster S4R has change my mind. The choice of frame colors is great. I would purchase one if it made it to the States.
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I thought Ducati's were supposed to be sexy. This thing is fnckin ugly! All that crap hanging off the engine, that exhaust, even what should be cool looking, the single sided swing arm is ugly. It looks like it was tacked together. I think the current monster 1000 looks infinitely better, and definitely will keep it's good looks longer. The one thing going for it though is that engine is probably a lot stronger. Call me crazy but I'd still take the old air cooled one.
you're a loony all right, but I think the 1000ie looks better too, this one looks too busy, too much plumbing and what-not, nice colors though. I'd take the black Speed Triple over this.
I agree.....i think it all because of the colors. I think the cans should be CF, thatwill help out greatly, anything they could black outin the motor will help, and man!! they need to paint or polish that swingarm. It looks like it is welded out of fence poles. :(

Change that and i might be seen on it ;)
Take the "old air cooled one" and you'd be left far behind. Beauty is in function and capability as much as in form, and in function and capability, the SR4 has it in abundance. Yeah, u b crazy.
too expensive, I'm sure, althought they conveniently don't mention that.

My guess would be around 16K.

isn't 423 lbs and 113 hp a little heavy to brag about beating everything on and off the track?

but, it's still a Ducati!!

cheap flame bait.

My new Buell Lightning would kick thing's a$$.


--I don't really know what that means, I just felt compelled to say it. I think I was possessed.

Also, c'mon: this is NOT a track bike, and at teh speeds of which the motor is capable, naked bikes start getting to be a lot less fun.

The M800 or M1000DS would be my picks, as I like the more classic, simple look of the air-cooleds too.
Not sure about this one. I've always liked the looks of the Monsters, and I'm pretty sure by the time this one gets here they will have cleaned up the pipefitters-style welds on the swingarm. But, dang it, Ducati has yet to make one of these things (or anything, now that I think of it) to fit a guy who's 5'16" and, well, significantly north of 200 pounds. So I'll probably have to go look around for something longer from seat to peg. Not sure what that would be in this category, though.
I saw the thing and fell in love. I'll take mine in yellow...and priced about $13500.
Extra ponies are always welcome, but unnecessary on most roads, and the air cooled ones look better change directions quicker. I still want one, especially in blue, I like the swingarm and the stacked exhaust. Another question, anyone know of a comfortable seat for these things, mine is killing me on long rides.
The more I look at it, the cooler this thing gets. Website is a little weak, though. You'd have thought Ducati would have gotten with the program by now. Color chips? What happened to "click on the color and we'll show you the motorcycle?"

Oh, yeah. Those who don't like the look--well, don't buy one.
Well, here's some info for you. I just sold my '98 roulette green Speed Triple to buy one of the last S4's available. Here's my take...

I miss my Speed Triple, but I love the Duc too. Coincidentally, the S4 I bought is blue with a white stripe. Custom-painted at a cost of over $2800 so you can imagine how upset I am over the new colors on the S4R. Interstingly, Carlo Di Beagio and other Ducati execs visited Seattle after the WSB races at Laguna Seca last Sumer and saw both my S4 and David Roosevelt's (Owner of Duc-Seattle) custom-built 996 which he converted into a monster. Coincidence? I don't think so and I've written to Ducati to find out if those two bikes were the inspiration for the new S4R. They may never admit it, but it's simply too coincidental for me to think otherwise

Okay, enough of that. Let me say I found the Speed Triple a fabulous bike. I loved it and would buy another. Being a '98 T509 with the 885 engine however, it was not without its quirks, especially the fuel injection, which never got completely sorted out, but was okay in the end after 4K miles.

The S4, by comparision is a fearsome motorcycle and requires some patience and skill to learn how to ride it properly. I kind of like that. Like an early Porsche 911 or a Ferrari 308. Both of which I have lots of experience with... Enjoy the experience.

As for style and looks, well, my Triple got plenty of that, but not nearly as many gawkers as the Monster. It's a trade-off and, frankly, neither of them hold a candle to the Japanese bikes, provided you think of motorcycles as an appliance or as a commuting vehicle.

If you are into stylin' and want to stand out in a crowd, either the Speed Triple - except in pink - or the S4 Duc will do very nicely, but after two weeks on the S4, I'm already leaning toward the Duc as the better of the two, but it's not without some compromises.

I guess, it really boils down to trying to understand if you want to be seen on a bike you can actually afford (I can't) so you'll just have to go see which one suits you best.

They are both extraordinary motorcycles so if you are just one of those people who get upset at, say, Road & Track Magazine, for testing cars you can never hope to buy, don't worry about it.

There are no bad motorcycles. Just buy the best bike you can afford and love it and leave it at that...
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