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New for 2003 Buell Stuff

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That tail is ... uh... interesting... I wonder how tempting it would be to secure a bag over the back "parcel shelf", unkowingly or accidentally obscuring your brake light?

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Better late than

Glad you MO guys finally acknowledged the new Buell. I was starting to wonder if you guys were all adopting the Burn's work ethic. :) Thanks Hackfu for restoring my faith.

I love the looks and the lower pegs. Give Buell an A for innovation and A+ for making the best out of what he is given by Harley i.e. the motor.

How about a side by side comparo Lighting vs. Bolt sometime kind of like a SV650 and SV650S comparo
I think I saw a rumor on another site that Buell is developing a sport tourer based on the XB to replace the Thunderbolt ST3. Complete with hardbags.

Stay tuned Rumor has it a replacement is on the way.
LOL Hey longride I saw this flyer for yoga for Sr. Citzens. Maybe if you took that you would be able to ride bikes with out sticking your feet forward. Yep you are right one week with me I would fix Buells problems. Heck one week I could fix Harley's problems as well. :)
Re: Try to imagine being Eric Buell ....

LOL Good one
Longride should read your post ValkBandit

Amen. Excellent sums it up perfectly. Do people expect Buell to say "Hey that sportster engine sucks I would wait to buy one until I convice the Harley bozos who own the company to design a new one"
Buell Rebates by Christmas

Yep! You are definiterly right For $10,000 folks are buying an Interceptor, R1, ZX-9R, GSXR1000, 954, and the list goes on. I can see it now $2000 rebates by Christmas. Even then I would probably buy CBR F4i or ZX-6R. Take it down to your price of $7,495 now you are getting some takers.
Re: Try to imagine being Eric Buell ....

VRod engine too heavy man. Engine like TL1000, SV650, etc.
Re: Buell Rebates by Christmas

Good point. I love the diversity Buell brings to the motorcycle world just so long as someone else buys it. :)
Re: Try to imagine being Eric Buell ....

yep you are right the Vrod may be heavy but compared to the sporty. Good point man.
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