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New for 2003 Buell Stuff

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That tail is ... uh... interesting... I wonder how tempting it would be to secure a bag over the back "parcel shelf", unkowingly or accidentally obscuring your brake light?

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Re: Try to imagine being Eric Buell ....

Strangely enough, Eric Buell did an interview last year in the owner's magazine (FUELL), in which he said that he saw no need for liquid cooling, for many years to come.

Mass centralization and light weight are his thing, not BMEP and horsepower per liter.
Re: Try to imagine being Eric Buell ....

honestly, what did you EXPECT him to say? "This thing's a dungheap."?

and water cooling aside, don't you think the engine could use such rudimentary features as overhead cams? downdraft carbs? a counterbalancer, mayhaps? some nice leading-edge tech that has been sportbike mainstays for the past, say, 10 friggin years? those things have no bearing on mass centralization.

what is "BMEP?"
Longride should read your post ValkBandit

Amen. Excellent sums it up perfectly. Do people expect Buell to say "Hey that sportster engine sucks I would wait to buy one until I convice the Harley bozos who own the company to design a new one"
one thing I've never liked about buell's is the exhaust on them, wouldn't a more conventional system allow them to lower the engine in the frame, I thought mass-centralization was thier whole trip? that rear fender is guarenteed to soak your butt the first time it's even damp out, don'cha think?
Re: Try to imagine being Eric Buell ....

they should give him a couple of v-rod engines to play with, I bet that engine in a sport bike frame would spank some booty
Re: Try to imagine being Eric Buell ....

What did you expect him to say.

Put in a light weight water cooled V-twin. Radiator below the seat and then we'd really have something.
Buell Rebates by Christmas

Yep! You are definiterly right For $10,000 folks are buying an Interceptor, R1, ZX-9R, GSXR1000, 954, and the list goes on. I can see it now $2000 rebates by Christmas. Even then I would probably buy CBR F4i or ZX-6R. Take it down to your price of $7,495 now you are getting some takers.
Re: Try to imagine being Eric Buell ....

VRod engine too heavy man. Engine like TL1000, SV650, etc.
Re: Try to imagine being Eric Buell ....

down wit that yo, but suzuki would tell them to ***** up a rope for their engines, at least harley owns the v-rod, and it's got to be lighter than a sporty
Re: Buell Rebates by Christmas

trouble is for that 7~8k range you've got 1200 bandits, fz1's, 919's or a z1r, a little more gets you a speed triple or 900 monster, point being the buell would be up against the cream of the nekkid bike crop, and given their somewhat shady reputation, you'd have to be a straight up buell freak to buy one, in which case it don't matter what they cost, 'cause you'd buy it anyway
Use a tankbag

Wait, the tank is the frame... Uh...

I use my bike for transportation and use an expanding tank bag, so you can get away with no saddlebags. At least most of the time.
Re: Buell Rebates by Christmas

Good point. I love the diversity Buell brings to the motorcycle world just so long as someone else buys it. :)
Re: Try to imagine being Eric Buell ....

yep you are right the Vrod may be heavy but compared to the sporty. Good point man.
Re: Buell Rebates by Christmas

L.O.L. your right about that
Went by the Buell dealership to see the XB9R, asked them to start it up to give me an idea on the motor. This was a total-turn off, it seems like its shoking up to 3000rpm, very slow response from the throtle. I realy like the looks of the XB9S . But I don't think I'd go for it just because of the motor.
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