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Mr. Snooks, we'll need you to complete this little aptitude test before your full site membership can be completed:

1. George Bush
a) sucks
b) sucks for air
c) sucks so bad it makes my ears pop

2. Al Gore
a) is brilliant
b) should be President
c) would make a brilliant President, if only he would run

3. Dual Sport Motorcycles
a) are for only the most accomplished and knowledgable riders
b) make it easier to pick up hot chicks
c) both A and B

4. Global Warming
a) is a real threat, we need to do something NOW
b) is a direct result of US overconsumption of precious resources
c) will result in the enslavement of conservative Americans

Thanks Mr. Snooks. We'll be giving you access to the really fun and interesting parts of this website, once your results are in and tallied. Maybe.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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