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New Guy needing 1 part to get bike running

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I have joined this site to help a friend get his cycle running. He bought the bike new and it was his first bike. All these years later he found the original owner's wife and bought the bike back. He has completely restored the bike and only needs the fuel shut-off valve to have the bike rideable.
The bike is a 1968 Yamaha 305 Catalina. Apparently the shut off valve is very difficult to find and he has almost given up after contacting every company he can think of. I joined here to hopefully help him out and find one. If anyone has one or knows where to find one I'd appreciate it.

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Does he want the original. Can't you use something generic?
Try these places:

HVCcycle: Historic,Vintage, Competition,* Motorcycle Support.
Speed and Sport Parts Store

They both specialize in old Yamaha's and can either one, or can suggest a substitute.

Thanks for the responses. He does want an original.
I'll definitely pass along the links.

He was finally able to get his bike going thanks to one of the links you posted. Thought I'd pass that along and say thanks again.

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